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Hospital. Moronica stares sadly at Doggett's mostly-lifeless form. Scully comes up next to her. "I don't understand how any of this is possible. He was with me, Dana, in my apartment," Moronica intones. "How can this be?" Scully's eyes fill with tears, and she tells Moronica that she saw her father in her bedroom, the night that he died. At the very moment that he died, she thinks. You know, even when Gillian Anderson is phoning it in, she's a pretty good actress. The lighting guy has even dimmed all the overheads, so we can barely see her emoting next to Annabeth Gish. Because the comparison isn't really flattering. I keep thinking about "Memento Mori," and both of the "Redux" episodes, and how great Gillian Anderson was that season (she completely deserved her Emmy that year), and how, especially compared to that, Annabeth Gish really isn't cutting it. I mean, she's okay. But I honestly don't think she's on par, acting-wise, with either Gillian Anderson or Robert Patrick. I don't know how much of it is her, of course, and how much of it is just bad writing and rotten characterization, but something's not gelling with this character, as far as I'm concerned. Anyway. Scully's dad. "I like to believe that he came to say goodbye," she tells Moronica. "A visitation. I think that's wonderful. A blessing," Moronica breathes. "But that's not what happened to me." Scully sort of purses her lips and looks like she's about to say something, when her phone rings. It's Mulder, asking if she wants him to reheat the chicken from last night, or if they ought to just order pizza, and, also, if she knows where the socket wrench is, because the kitchen sink is leaking again and they can't get a plumber out until Tuesday, and he's just going to try to fix it himself. No, he is. No, he can do it. No, he can totally do it. All right, he'll wait until she gets home. They're discussing whether or not Mulder's been watching too much Oprah, since he just used the phrase "find my inner plumber," when Skinner beeps in on the other line. He's looking for Moronica. Scully indicates that she's right there, and Skinner directs her to bring Moronica into the 6th District police station. He'll explain why when they get there.

Sixth District Police Station. Scully escorts Moronica inside, where they're met by Skinner. He needs Moronica "inside." Moronica looks perplexed, but Scully gets it. She gives Skinner a moderately dirty look.

Moronica is shown inside an interrogation room, where she finds DPB waiting for her. He nods at her to take a seat, saying that he wants to speak with her alone, "to clear a few things up." I have to say, Cary Elwes's American accent seems to have improved, at least a little bit. He tells her that he wants to go over "[her] story" with her. "My story?" Moronica parrots. Skinner and Scully watch them, behind the two-way mirror. They both look tired. Yeah, DPB says, the story about how Doggett and Moronica were together when he got shot. Moronica clarifies that she wasn't with Doggett when he got shot; he was with her when Skinner called to tell her he'd been shot. DPB walks around the interrogation room and furrows his brow. He's on her side, he says, but he needs her to give him a reason for this "cover-up." Moronica looks stunned. "I'm going to put a stop to this," Scully says, starting for the door. What's she going to do? Tackle DPB and drag him out of the room? Skinner grabs her arm and stops her, anyway. "Why are you saying these things?" Moronica asks, all hurt. DPB reveals that the bullet that almost killed Doggett came from her gun. There's a big, crazy "twang!" on the soundtrack, as Moronica looks stunned. Also, DPB says, an eyewitness placed her at the scene. "Is that why I'm here? In this room? So you can make an ID?" No, Moronica, it's so he can finally force you to reveal your secret recipe for five-alarm chili. "Reyes," DPB says calmly, as she hops out of her chair and walks over to the two-way mirror. At the same time, uniformed officers show Lukesh into the room with Skinner and Scully. "Who's there? Who's back there?" Moronica yells into the mirror. Scully looks slightly perturbed by this chain of events. Lukesh nods at the officer next to him. "We appreciate your co-operation," the cop says. "Anything I can do to help," Lukesh offers. Yeah, like that would ever hold up in court. It's called a line-up! Don't you people watch Law & Order?

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