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Police Department. Lukesh is confused as to why he's been brought back for further questioning. He's already told them everything, he says. DPB smarms that they've found some...inconsistencies in his story. "Here's an odd one, for starters. We have an eyewitness that says you shot Agent John Doggett," Skinner says. Lukesh can't image who could possibly have said such a thing. "Doggett," Skinner tells him. "Yeah, he regained consciousness. He's very chatty. Among other things, he says you're a murderer who enjoys killing women with a straight razor. And cutting out their tongues." Lukesh nods. "Yeah. Wow. What a corker," he comments mildly. DPB wanders around the room for a moment before asking Lukesh if he wouldn't mind taking a PSR test. A PSR test, he explains, will indicate to them if Lukesh has fired a gun recently or not. Lukesh hesitates and says he might need to speak to his lawyer first. "Look, my heart goes out to your Agent Doggett," he says. "But he's confused. It's clear to me that your female agent, Miss Reyes, is responsible for this terrible tragedy." DPB leans way back in his chair and think about this. "Is there someone who can corroborate your story?" he asks. Lukesh tells them that no, of course there isn't. "How about Mom?" Skinner asks. Lukesh's hackles are raised, but he holds it together enough to grit that his mother was asleep. "Well, still, maybe she can tell us something," Skinner offers. Lukesh stammers that Livia II is in "poor health." Skinner offers to go to her, instead of making her come into the station. Lukesh spits that he won't have them harassing her! He won't have it! He's really pissed. Also, you know, crazy and stuff. Skinner finally looks satisfied. "Now, if you're going to arrest me, do it," Lukesh says. "Otherwise, I'm going home." Skinner half-smiles. "Say hi to mama for me," he calls, as Lukesh stomps out in a huff.

Lukesh is stomping out of the Police Station just as Moronica is floating inside. They pass, like ships in the night, and then turn and stare at each other. Unlike ships in the night. Lukesh walks right up to her and gets in her face and smiles creepily. "Agent Reyes, right?" he whispers. "What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?" Moronica, to her credit, doesn't even flinch. "How do you do it?" she asks him. "You know what I'm talking about, don't you? There's this world, and there's the world where you live out your sick fantasies. When did it start? After your breakdown in 1995? All that anger, buttoned up so tight, it had no where else to go. It had to get released. Not here. But in a world just like this one." Wow, if all you have to do in order to gain entry into another universe is get really, really mad about something (and be just a tiny bit crazy)...well, I'm practically there right now. Lukesh gets even closer to Moronica, close enough to kiss her. "God, I enjoyed you," he breathes at her. "You bled just like a pig." Ew. I have to say, the actor playing Lukesh is doing an excellent job. He can't help that this character is basically a rehashing of a number of I Mutilate Women Weirdly-type villains we've seen in seasons past. Anyway, Moronica's glaring at Lukesh when Skinner comes out of the interrogation room. "Reyes?" he calls, as Lukesh turns tail and runs. "You all right?" DPB says, coming out of the room behind Skinner. She flashes them both a shaky smile.

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