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Casa Scully. Moby sings. I wish they could have gotten Moby to act like the town troubadour guy on Gilmore Girls and featured him in this episode. You know, walking into the corner of the frame and...spinning, or whatever it is that Moby actually does. He could carry his laptop instead of a guitar. What? It would have been whimsical. Whatever. Moving on. You people are no fun. So, Scully walks around in her bathrobe and gets into bed. Next thing you know, she walks into a hospital room and stands over herself, lying all sick and Cancer-Arc-y in the bed. "Speak to me," Cancer Arc Scully lip-synchs to herself. Realtime Scully wakes with a gasp in her own bedroom. Her phone rings. NotJorja needs her to come to the hospital. I think Dana needs to cut back on the sleeping pills before she climbs into her lonely, lonely bed to try to drown her pain with sleep. Because the last thing this poor girl needs is wacky nightmares.

Scully heads to the hospital, but not before putting on the really cute apple green sweater she was pulling over her head in Mulder's bathroom. At the hospital, it turns out that Waterston is healed. Scully goes to Mulder's and they finally get it on. The end.

Okay. Fine. But you know you want to get to that section, too. So, the hospital. Waterston is all sitting up in bed and feeling fine. He makes some snide comment about "the voodoo ritual" she pulled on him. "I was afraid it didn't work," Scully breathes. "Of course it didn't work," Waterston cracks. "Where do you get that crap?" Scully sputters that said crap could have saved his life. "Whether you're open to it or not," she adds. Oh, sweet God. Please, go do an autopsy, stop reading Annabeth Gish's lines, and get back to your regular self, Scully. Waterston waves this aside. When he gets well, he says, they need to talk about their relationship. You haven't seen her for ten years, buddy. What the hell kind of relationship is that? Scully mentions that she talked to NotJorja. "It's time that you took responsibly for the hurt you caused in your family," she tells him, before saying that "it was no accident" that he got sick. "You've been running from the truth for ten years." Waterston looks at his lap, and tells Scully that she was "all [he] lived for." She brushes this aside and tells him that he needs to make a lot up to NotJorja. "That's [NotJorja] talking, not you," Waterston says. Well. He's enormously arrogant. Has he even asked if she's involved with anyone? Now that you mention it, actually, is she involved with anyone? In the conventional sense of the term? I mean, if she and Mulder did have sex in this episode, was it the first time, or just the first time we saw it? Well, sort of. You know what I mean. Although that's something we're never going to know for sure, anyway. Scully finally just tells Waterston that she's "not the same person." And that she wouldn't have known that if they hadn't seen each other again. NotJorja, having heard all this, finally steps into the frame. Scully licks her lips, pats Waterston on the leg, and leaves.

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