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Alone Again, Naturally

Back to the LizardCam, which comes careening down the hallway and into the study to peer around the door at Doggett, whose Spidey-sense alerts him to an alien presence (so to speak). He slowly, slowly draws his gun. Doggett looks over his shoulder, even more slowly, creeps over to the door, and peers into the hallway. The person in the hallway? Leyla. Shocking! Doggett breathlessly asks her what she's doing. "It's here," he says. "It? What it?" Leyla asks, sharply. Is she armed, Doggett asks? Leyla awkwardly removes her gun from its holster. They probably don't have a lot of call for gunplay in accounting. Doggett tells her that she needs to get outside and guard the door. When he flushes "it" out, she needs to shoot it. Leyla nods, and creeps down the hallway. "Agent Harrison?" Doggett calls after her. "Take the safety off." Dumb girls. We never know how to properly work manly equipment, like weaponry, or cars.

Leyla finally gets outside and waits with her gun. There's a rustling in front of her. She looks scared and casts her eyes around. The circular camera work in this scene is making me sick. Looking around, looking around. Literally. Suddenly, something pounces on her from above.

Inside the house, Doggett hears gunshots and races outside. Leyla is gone. The camera work continues to make me feel really sick, but that might just be last night's tequila talking. ["Last night's tequila? Yeah, I think I may have heard something about that." -- Wing Chun] I'm pretty sure it's the camera, which is going around and around and around and around and I really want to hurl. Doggett finally notices that something has been dragged across the lawn and into the woods behind the house. He follows the trail into a clearing and promptly falls through a trap door conveniently hidden under the leaves.

The woods behind the estate are crawling with Feds. I'm pretty sure these are the same woods the location scouts approved for use a couple of weeks ago in "Empedocles." I know we don't have a lot of wooded, palm-tree-free areas here in Los Angeles, but come on! We have more than two, people. Skinner, the leader of the crawling Feds, looks extremely perturbed. Or racked with worry. Pick one. His cell phone rings; it's Scully on the other end, still cranky as hell. Scully: is it true? Skinner: hi. I'm fine, thanks. How was Lamaze? "Is Doggett missing?" Scully barks. Skinner tells her that, basically, yes. And Skinner's beside himself. "Why wasn't I told?" Scully asks. Skinner sighs. She tells him that she's on her way into the office. Skinner says that, no, she isn't. "Are you ordering me not to go looking for Agent Doggett?" Scully asks. Skinner's like, yes, I am. You have to trust me to find him. Scully petulantly wonders whether merely trusting him will get the job done. Skinner makes a really pained look as Scully just hangs up on him. Why doesn't anyone on this show ever say goodbye?

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