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Alone Again, Naturally

Wine cellar. Doggett's still looking for a way out, unsuccessfully. All he finds are lots of bottles. Maybe he just ought to start drinking. I'll bet you could get fired for that, though. Near a bunch of other bottles of wine, Doggett comes across the very odd remains of what looks like a dog. The remains resemble nothing so much as a red plastic shell in the shape of a dog. It's weird, whatever it is. Stop the presses, with that revelation -- that there's something weird going on in the secret bootlegging wine cellar of a crazy mad scientist/LizardMan. Whoops, did I give that away? No one cares. Cue the rustling noises behind Doggett. He turns around, but sees, of course, nothing. He turns back, and the LizardMan jumps on his face, squirting some kind of something on his face before scampering off. Doggett fires his gun at the creature, but doesn't hit it -- probably because his eyesight is all blurry now. Near him, a door opens to reveal Leyla. She tells him that the creature sprayed her, and she can't see very well. More than that, she's found Gandolnotfini -- who is, I think, dead. At the very least, he's in bad shape. Leyla wonders aloud whether they could be prey for some kind of crazy subterranean man. Doggett doesn't think it's a man. They're meals for something, he tells her. Leyla blinks. Doggett does think they ought to be able to get out, because, surely, there is a way from the wine cellar into the house. Leyla tells him that she thinks she can see something above them -- some kind of light. They both peer up at the light. It's a manhole, right above them. Doggett grouses that he can't see how high up it is, because of the whole blurry-eyed problem.

4:47 PM. Mulder pulls up at the estate, and is promptly intercepted by Skinner, who grits that Mulder isn't supposed to be out there. "I'm not out here," Mulder retorts. Skinner tells him that the police found Doggett's car at a nearby 7-11, and they're redirecting the search. And also picking up some Slurpees. Stare. Stare. And then Mulder walks off. "Where are you going?" Skinner calls after him. "Off for a walk in the woods," Mulder says, although if I were him, I'd want to stay the hell out of the woods, what with the whole getting-sucked- into-the- alien-ship thing. Skinner tells Mulder that he's already had hundreds of men combing the woods. "What the hell, I'm out of a job anyway," Mulder calls over his shoulder. Skinner wrestles his cell phone out his pocket and calls Scully. "Why do we keep picking men who cause us nothing but pain?" he asks her.

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