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Alone Again, Naturally

Mulder's in his car eating sunflower seeds, staking out Stites's place. He's spitting a shell out the window, his brow furrowed with concentration, when his phone rings: it's Scully, who naggily wants to know what he's doing. Can I just ask what the hell is going on when the person irritating me the most in this episode is Scully, whom I generally adore? Scully tells Mulder that Skinner is furious about (a) Mulder harassing Stites, and (b) Mulder impersonating Kersh. What is Skinner going to do -- fire him? Blah, blah, blah, Scully sniffs and tells her erstwhile partner she doesn't think the predator in this crime is a man. "What are you saying it is?" Mulder wonders. Scully admits it may be hard to believe, "coming from her," but she thinks it's a crazy LizardMan with a jones for liquefied man meat. Mulder disagrees. They're in the middle of arguing (half-heartedly), when Mulder interrupts Scully. "You regifted," he says, tersely. Scully makes questioning noises. "My Apollo medallion? I found it on the grass on Stites estate," Mulder explains. "Doggett must be around here somewhere," he finishes. On Scully's end of the phone, the lab assistant enters the room with a bunch of science-y looking stuff. "I've got to go," Scully says, and hangs up. Mulder purses his lips. Can't you feel the love tonight?

Scully and the nameless lab assistant pore over a microscope and trade expository remarks. The chemical sprayed in Grandpa's eyes blinded him. After the blinding thing is done, the venom excretes digestive enzymes that liquefy the victim's insides and make the skin a hard, brittle shell from which the reptile can drink. Scully and the nameless lab assistant look at one another, grossed out. There are precedents for this in nature, the nameless lab assistant says. "Nothing that can do all of this," Scully says. "At least, not yet." The nameless lab assistant looks at Scully with raised brows.

Leyla and Doggett are feeling their way out of the cellar, with very little success. As they fumble along, Leyla tries to apologize for being such an unqualified agent, but Doggett will have none of it; he tells her that she's doing fine, and to hang tough! "We'll find a way out," he gruffs. Leyla stops short. "I don't think I will," she says. Because she thinks what happened to Gandolnotfini is happening to her; she's totally blind. Doggett makes a concerned face. And then the LizardMan jumps right in front of them. Doggett fires his weapon, and tries to give chase, but reaches a dead end, coming to a locked door at the end of a hallway. Behind him, Leyla yelps: she's come across a dead and liquefied Gandolnotfini.

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