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Audrey Pauley

Yeah, Moronica is still falling.

Still falling.


Maybe you should get a sandwich.

Hospital. Doggett's still staring at Moronica's comatose body. I guess her parents are hitching from Mexico City, because they're nowhere to be seen. Or maybe they're down getting coffee and having a smoke with Scully. Nope, because Scully enters the room to tell Doggett that the "transplant teams are in place." Doggett grits that he's "not cutting her up." This is the part where I interject that it's good to be an organ donor. The likelihood of people thinking you're dead when you're actually trapped in an alterna-dimension that is also a dollhouse are fairly small. "John. I'm still waiting for your argument," Scully tells him. She needs him to give her a good reason not to pull the plug, she says. How about that your boyfriend was six feet under for three months and he still turned out alive? Or did he? Moronica, of course, takes this moment to whisper Doggett's name. Scully's all, "Well, I guess that'll do." Doggett races over and grasps Moronica's hand. "Audrey," she whispers.

But, alas, it is far too late. Dr. Evil has claimed one more victim. He must have been hanging around Audrey's room, though, playing with the dollhouse and trying on her dresses, because he's still loitering there when Doggett comes downstairs to investigate. "Where are you going, Doctor?" he asks, slamming Dr. Evil's head against the wall. Dr. Evil squeals. Doggett pokes his head into Audrey's room and sees her dead, dead body. "Oh God, oh no," he hisses.

Three days later. Doggett drops Moronica off at her place. I won't even ask where her parents are. Or, I should say, her "parents," since you all know I still think she's Samantha. He leaps out of the car and runs around and opens the door for her. They both stand on the parkway and gaze longingly at each other. Oh, God, please, no kissing. No kissing. No kissing. And my prayers are answered when Moronica chirps a cheerful "good night" and goes inside, untouched by the Nookie That Shall Not Be Named. Doggett just stares after her. Way to learn from that whole near-death thing and seize the day, Doggett. And that cues the sad piano. Mark Snow, I think I'll miss you most of all.

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