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Audrey Pauley

Later, Doggett sits around and strokes Moronica's comatose head. Audrey sticks her head in the room. "Your name is John, right?" she asks. Doggett nods. "She has a message for you. She says you're a dog person." Doggett stares at Audrey and then back down at Moronica. Finally, he gets up and runs after Audrey. "Where did you get that?" he asks. "Who said that to you?" Audrey looks at him plaintively. "I told you. She's not gone," she says.

Notspital. Moronica's still looking at the Charts O' Gibberish. "It's just nonsense," Stephen reminds her. "Just like you said. Not a clue in there." An airplane flies past one of the Notspital's windows. It's dragging a banner that reads, "It's A Clue!" Moronica Nancy Drews that the Notspital looks complete, but that all the details are missing. Like a movie set, she says, built by someone who didn't quite get what they were building. While she's yammering, Stephen starts to choke and falls dramatically to the ground. Moronica kneels next to him. "Stephen! Talk to me!" she says. What a great and original line! Not. "What's happening to me?" Stephen gurgles. Moronica just stares at him with her mouth wide open.

Hospital. Stephen flatlines. "Does he feel any pain?" asks Mrs. Stephen tearfully. "Absolutely none," Dr. Evil tells her. "Now, please scootch over. You're blocking my access to his pancreas."

Audrey takes Doggett down to her basement room. "You live down here?" he asks. She shrugs and explains that the nuns let her live there. "I can't do much, but they let me help out," she tells him. Audrey watches as Doggett examines the dollhouse. Dollhospital. Whatever. "This is this hospital," he says. "You made this?" Audrey nods slowly. "Why?" he asks. She doesn't know, she says. "I like. To visit it. I sort of go. Inside my head," she stutters. "You go into the model?" Doggett asks. Audrey shrugs and tells him that she likes it there. It's quiet, apparently. "I used to have it all to myself, but then some people showed up. Hospital patients. Your friend," she says. Doggett makes a thoughtful face. "Not so much like tiny people in a model," Audrey qualifies. "But...inside my head. Up here? I guess?" She waves her hands around vaguely. Doggett watches her, a kind expression on his face. "You don't believe me?" she says. Sweetheart, the man died, gotten eaten by a shaman, and was vomited up alive. Deep down, he believes pretty much anything. "You saw some other people besides my friend?" Doggett asks. "Other patients? Can you tell me who they are?" Audrey just stares at him.

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