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The One With Peter Boyle

On the way to Bruckman's apartment, Mulder and Scully find a note addressed to "Miss Scully" taped to Old Lady's door. The notes asks the agents to see that "the remains of [Old Lady]'s remains" are taken care of, and asks Scully whether she wants a dog. "He's well trained," the note reads, "other than the behavior of last night, which you can't really blame him for." And that's the story of how Scully got her doomed little dog, Quee-Queg.

The agents find Bruckman in his apartment, in his bed, a plastic bag over his head. Scully sits on the edge of the bed, and takes his hand in both of hers, holding it very tenderly. A tear rolls down Bruckman's face. Scully's lower lip quivers.

Back in Washington, Scully sprawls on her sofa with the dog and watches an old episode of Laurel and Hardy. I guess everything, at this point, is an old episode of Laurel and Hardy, though. Anyway, the two of them have gotten into another fine mess, as usual. Scully strokes the dog as the episode ends, and she goes to flip off the television. Before she hits the "off" button, however, an infomercial for The Stupendous Yappi comes on. Scully stares. The infomercial is hysterically eyebrow-tastic. "Call me at 1-900-555-YAPP. Call to know tomorrow's secret's today. I know you will. I see your future," Yappi intones. Scully picks up the phone, as if hypnotized. She counters a Yappi eyebrow with her own well-groomed arch, and chucks the phone at the television. Ah, good times.

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