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The One With Peter Boyle

The trio trudges back to the car, only to find it stuck in the mud. Bruckman and Mulder get out to help unstick it. The wheels spin in the muck, splattering Mulder's nice pretty expensive suit. As Mulder bemoans the state of his ensemble, Bruckman grimaces, and points. A mud-covered hand is lodged underneath the front passenger-side wheel of the car. Wow -- when he says "this is the spot," he really means it, eh?

Back at Bruckman's apartment, Mulder presents the man of the hour with a teeny, tiny bit of fiber. It's the only evidence from the body they found, Mulder says, and may be something from the killer. Bruckman snarks that he thought the FBI had labs for that kind of thing. "Yes. Yes, we do," Scully says pointedly. Mulder ignores her -- not in a mean way, just in the way the two of them tend to ignore each other when one of them is trying to make a point and the other is not helping -- and points out that a similar fiber was found on another victim, and that they've already sent that out to the lab. "I'm not a crime fighter by trade," Bruckman explains. Mulder tells Bruckman that he's desperate: "For some insurance." Bruckman perks up, and Mulder hands over the fiber, raising his brows. "I can't tell you where this is from," Bruckman says. "But the killer is going to kill more people before you catch him." Scully snippily wonders whether Bruckman can see the killer yet. "No," he replies, "just more insight into his character, which I know you hate. He thinks he's psychic." Scully asks whether the killer is, indeed, psychic. "I hope not," Bruckman says, especially since some of the things the killer has seen include Mulder. "Trying to catch him. In a kitchen," Bruckman clarifies. At this point, we see what Bruckman sees, while he narrates. "You're looking around for someone," Bruckman tells Mulder. "He's behind you. He's walking toward you. And -- oh God!" The killer -- Putzy -- is holding a blood-coated knife. Bruckman explains that Mulder doesn't see the killer behind him because Mulder is looking down, having stepped on a pie. Did you hear that? Pies killed Fox Mulder. This is why I'm a cake woman. "The killer comes up to you," Bruckman continues, "and -- coconut cream!" Mulder and Scully exchange frustrated looks. "What?" Bruckman wrinkles his brow, and explains that he's trying to figure out the genre of said pie. "Whatever. Please continue," Mulder instructs. "As you're looking down," Bruckman says, "he comes up with the knife, and -- banana cream! Definitely banana cream." He continues, explaining that the killer sees... "nothing," he finishes, although we have just seen Putzy slit Mulder's throat, and Mulder, blood gushing from between his fingers, fall to the kitchen floor. Bruckman explains that he didn't get all this from the fiber, however. He got it from a manila envelope he got in the mail, from the killer. "'Like our lives, this is a mere formality. To let you know that I know that you know,'" Mulder reads from the letter. "'Signed, You Know Who. PS: Say "Hi" to the FBI agents.'" Bruckman looks glum. "Hi," he says. Scully hypothesizes that the killer must have seen Bruckman with them at the crime scene, but Mulder points out the letter's postmark dates from the day before Bruckman joined the investigation. The agents look at each other. Mulder tells Bruckman that they've got to take him somewhere safe, immediately. "I'll be dead before you catch this guy, no matter what you do," Bruckman moans.

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