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The One With Peter Boyle

Mulder's turn to baby-sit the psychic. He lolls on the bed and reads, while Bruckman lies in bed and stares at the ceiling. They start talking about dreams, Mulder mentioning that he's often had dreams in which he has a vision of something he later sees in real life. That actually happens to me all the time. Bruckman says he only has one dream. "I'm laying [sic] naked in a field of red tulips," he begins, and suddenly, we see him, lying naked in a field of red tulips. He's not really naked, though. He's in undies. Also, it's all arty, and whatnot. He narrates what follows, and, really, I'm not that impressed with the special effects here, but, you know, good script, mediocre effects: I can live with that. "I'm not concerned with where I am, or how I got there. I'm at peace. Then I realize I'm dead. My body begins to turn a greenish white with spots of purple. Next, the insects arrive. The inevitable follows: putridity and liquescence. Before I know it, I'm nothing but bones. When I start fading to dust, I lose whatever care I still had about where my clothes are. And as I begin to feel myself slipping away towards I know not what, I wake up. Well. Goodnight." With that, Bruckman turns his back on Mulder and goes to sleep. Mulder stares, depressed, at the ceiling.

The next morning, a ruffled and sleepy-looking Mulder opens the door to find Scully waiting for him. "Are you okay?" she asks. He didn't sleep well, he responds. The two of them leave Blond Cop with Bruckman and head over to a nearby fortune teller's, where, as Scully tells Mulder, another psychic has met his tragic, tragic fate.

Mulder and Scully walk down the hotel hallway. Mulder complains that Bruckman's predictions aren't really helping them. As he bitches, Putzy -- in his bellman outfit -- bumps against Scully. Unaware of her recent brush with their perp, Scully muses that she feels bad for Bruckman. He's taken all the joy out of his life, she says. Because her life is a barrel of laughs, what with getting abducted by aliens and rendered infertile, and getting the cancer, and her sister getting shot in the head in her apartment, and having a total asshole of a brother, and then having a possibly alien baby with questionable parentage in front of a whole bunch of crazy strangers, and, of course, that whole part where her relationship with Mulder is all sort of crazy and stuff, what with him being missing for, like, a year, and her not really seeming to care, whilst her new partner is in the honeymoon stage of a relationship with their boss, and now they're stuck with this other new chick who keeps hitting on Scully, at, like, the most inopportune times. Yeah, that sounds like a blast!

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