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Our Long National Nightmare is Over!

Kersh's office. Man, is he angry with Doggett, who's got one hell of a shiner. Doggett excuses his tardiness by explaining that he was with Scully at the hospital. "I know," Kersh coolly replies. They exchange glares. "It's going to be awfully crowded down in that X-Files office," Kersh snarks. Doggett almost smiles. Kersh sits down, puts on his glasses and peers over them at Doggett. "Maybe you didn't hear me," he snits. "I said, you're on the wrong floor." Doggett waits a beat. "Yes, sir," he says, before leaving the office.

Mulder's out of the OR, but he's still unconscious. Scully sits by his bed, holding his hand and watching him breathe. She's almost in tears. She squeezes his hand. Miraculously, he squeezes back. Scully looks amazed and shocked, as one small, perfect tear runs down her cheek. Mulder turns his head as she calls his name. He opens his eyes to see her smiling down at him, and crying at the same time. "Hi," she says, halfway between laughing and crying. "Who are you?" Mulder asks. Scully's face falls and she opens her mouth to explain that she's Mulder's partner, and he's in the hospital and -- and then Mulder manages a small wry grin, and Scully bursts into relieved, disbelieving laughter. They gaze at each other adoringly. "Do you know, do you have any idea, what you've been through?" Scully asks. "Only what I see in your face," he replies. Scully ruffles his hair, smiles down at him, and leans down to rest her head on his chest. "Anybody miss me?" Mulder asks softly. Scully continues her laughing-through-tears routine. When she opens her eyes, she sees Doggett come to the door and looks in on them. He watches them for a moment, looking very sad and alone. Scully looks at him thoughtfully as he shuts the door on their happy reunion. Mulder closes his eyes, rests his cheek on Scully's head and smells her hair. She closes her own eyes, smiling with happiness and relief. The swelling Violins of Love That Even Those of You Who Think Mulder and Scully Are Just Friends Have to Admit is Present in This Scene, in the Acting, if Not the Writing, Although I Personally Think It's in Both takes us to the final credits. The Mulder action figure crawls over my lap and throws himself at the Scully figure with a giant wrenching sob. They embrace and cry big plastic action-figure tears of joy.

Next week: Mulder is back at work! In his blue shirt! Shoving Doggett! Plus other stuff, including Mulder in his leather jacket and gray Pec-tastic tee shirt! Whee! Never go away again, David! I take back everything bad I ever said about you! I love you as much as ever! The picture is back on my fridge!

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