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Our Long National Nightmare is Over!

U.S. Naval Hospital, Annapolis, Maryland. The hospital is jumping! Scully comes racing through the doors, all teary, as usual. "Is it true? I want to see him," she breathlessly exclaims before she even reaches Skinner, who reaches out to keep her from going inside Mulder's hospital room. "I need to see him, dammit," she says, pounding Skinner on the chest. Skinner sighs that she can't see him. She looks up at him, pleadingly. "Tell me it's true," she breathes. "Tell me." Skinner just stares at her. Good sweet God, could they please stop torturing her, at long last? Tell her it's true, Skinner! Has everyone but me forgotten that, first of all, she's a doctor, and second, she's his partner? And the possible mother of his child? Throw the little redhead a bone!

In Mulder's room, Doggett and the doctors are staring en masse at Mulder, who actually is alive, if the beeping and whirring of all the machines he's hooked up to is any indication. They're amazed that he isn't dead yet, especially since his heartbeat and blood ox and whatnot are all out of whack.

Doggett emerges from Mulder's room to see Skinner and Scully in deep conversation. Scully looks up and notices Doggett watching them. Touching her belly protectively, she races over to him. "What do they say? I. Need. To. See. Him," she asks urgently, as The Maybe He's Not Dead After All Piano tinkles in a minor key in the background. Doggett sighs. "I know," he says, "but I wish you wouldn't." Scully bites back her tears and waltzes right past him. Skinner and Doggett exchange a Meaningful Glance.

This episode is all about people opening and closing doors. Scully stares at Mulder from the doorway for a moment before she slides inside and softly shuts the door. Her mouth faintly open, she approaches the bed, looking amazed and surprised. She places her hand over Mulder's arm as tears begin to slide down her cheeks. She smiles and rests her head on his stomach and opens the floodgates. Come sweeps, I want to see Gillian Anderson and Sarah Michelle Gellar in some kind of Battle of the Network Stars to decide once and for all which of them is the best crier on TV, because I really can't decide.

FBI HQ. 5:35 AM. Office of the Kersh. Enter Doggett. Kersh yammers about this being the first time he's seen the sunrise from his office and jabbers something about having useful information and surviving on your wits alone and blah de blah. This is all going in one of Doggett's ears and out the other. Kersh glares and pointedly remarks that he hopes Doggett took Kersh's offer of a promotion seriously. Doggett reiterates that he's thinking about it. Kersh plays with some stuff on his desk for a moment, before looking up and mentioning that he got a call about Mulder's situation. "Drop it," he advises Doggett. Doggett furrows his brow. Kersh explains that "if it looks bad, it's bad for the FBI." They stare at each other. "I'm throwing you a rope," Kersh says. "Don't go and hang yourself with it." Hmmm, that couldn't be a veiled threat or anything, could it?

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