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Our Long National Nightmare is Over!

Billy Miles is totally naked and tottering on his tiptoes down the hallway. He looks like a new man. Which, you know, he is. Doggett looks distressed and disturbed. Scully looks amazed. Everyone watches the naked guy.

Back in his hospital room and all dressed up in a fancy backless gown, Billy Miles tells Scully that he can't remember much of anything. He has no idea where he is, or what he's doing, wherever he is. All he remembers is water, he says, and being on the ship. Doggett: The fishing boat? Scully: The space ship, brainiac. Gillian Anderson looks extremely pretty in this scene, and it's about damn time . "They took so many this time. Now I understand. They're here to save us," Billy says robotically, and smiles. Scully stares at him. "Well, that's great news," Doggett spits. "I'll let you two talk," he says, before turning on his heel and leaving. Scully gives the closed door a minor eyebrow. I can see why Doggett would be skeptical. It's not like anything unusual -- like dying, being eaten by a shaman, and then being vomited up alive -- has ever happened to him.

Scully's finally had enough. She chases after Doggett, and when she catches him, she really lets him have it. She can't understand why he can't believe what's staring him right in the face, she says. He wonders why she even cares what he believes, he says. Doggett bitterly reminds Scully that she told him she didn't even think he was up to this case. Can I just point out a fundamental problem with the Doggett character? He stubbornly doesn't believe any of the supernatural explanations for anything, but he never offers an alternative answer. At least when Scully played the Doubting Thomas she generally had some long-winded scientific explanation for everything, whereas Doggett just acts the whiney baby. If Chris Carter plans to torture all us next year with a Monica Reyes/John Doggett one-two punch, and Monica is just floating all over the place, smiling and twitching and acting like a poorly-coifed empath demon, and Doggett doesn't buy any explanation for anything that he runs into, I will take my Tweezerman tweezers and jab them first into my eyes and then through my ear drums and put myself out of my misery, because lifelong darkness and silence would be preferable to that scenario. Doggett sniffs that this whole Billy Miles thing is certainly a medical mystery, but that the patient's explanation is a load of horsecrap. Scully calls him a bunch of things, including bullheaded and stubborn. Doggett gives her a good glare. "You believe aliens are going to save the world?" he asks. Scully has no response to this. She makes her thoughtful face as Doggett stomps off like a big baby to cry in the corner because no one will listen to his non-existent explanations, but he's too stubborn just to take his damn promotion so that he can get out of the basement and work on something of this earth and actually maybe experience a moment of happiness.

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