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I'm Monica! I'm Disgusting!

Gillian Anderson: I know.
David Duchovny: How the hell am I even supposed to play this scene? Am I jealous? Am I happy? Are we getting married? I have no idea what my motivation is, here.
Gillian Anderson: I know.
David Duchovny: I ask him all this in front of craft services this morning, and he's all "do what you think is best." What the hell kind of direction is that?
Gillian Anderson: I know.
David Duchovny: Look, obviously we just have to make the call ourselves and fucking go with it. I say we're in madly in love, we've been doing it like crazy the whole time I wasn't buried alive and I'm the father of the baby and that's it!
Gillian Anderson: Fine with me.
David Duchovny: Nice hair, by the way.
Gillian Anderson: Thanks.
David Duchovny: [looking at her book] Hey, I read that one.

Cut to Katha's house. Mia's all innocently playing her room while Katha makes dinner. Who's waiting for her in the kitchen? Jeb! He's coming home, he says creepily. He didn't do what the FBI said, he swears, but he's got blood on his face, which is pretty suspicious in my book. Jeb is all, "I don't know how that got there." Katha doesn't buy it, because her brain is slightly bigger than a walnut. Jeb is moaning that he needs her help when Mia skips into the kitchen. She's so happy to see her uncle! Cue hugging! Creepy hugging!

Lush Basement Office. Doggett's digging into the Jeb thing. Monica floats into the room and promptly berates him for just calling people on the phone. He's looking for answers in the wrong way, she snips. She's so freaking bossy. Doggett makes a snide tea-leaf-reading comment, which is such a Passions shout-out, because the town witch, Tabitha, is always reading people's tea leaves and telling them things specifically designed to stir up shit. "What do you want from me?" Doggett asks Monica. "I want you to be honest. With yourself. About what you saw. That day. Honest about what your feelings. Tell you." I'm honest about the fact that I want Monica to shut up. Doggett hollers that feelings don't solve crimes! "What the hell does it matter what my feelings are?" he asks, defensively. Monica sighs that this isn't about the job. She wants to know what he's so scared of. Doggett looks at his desk. Lip purse. Lip purse. Doggett sighs. He's "gotta believe" he did everything he could to find his son. Monica says he did. Doggett's "gotta believe" that he did everything he could to save poor DeadLuke. He's "gotta believe" he did everything humanly possible. We. Get. It. He's got to believe. Anvils, anvils, everywhere, and not a drop to drink. Except this cold frosty beer in my hand. And see, Doggett explains, if all this supernatural stuff is real, and he didn't look into that in his quest to save poor DeadLuke, then he sucks. Basically. Doggett looks sad. Monica's cell phone rings. It's Katha, freaking out. Jeb is at her house! Doggett finally just decides that Jeb is a link to DeadLuke, so he jumps out of his chair and he and Monica run right off. Elsewhere in Maryland, Walter Skinner looks irritably at his watch and watches his Cornish game hens burn while he waits for his sweetheart to get home.

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