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At Katha's, Jeb is reading Hansel and Gretel to Mia. Nothing calms a kid down like the story of a witch lady fattening them up to eat them, I always say. Katha nervously pokes her head into the room, and totally unconvincingly attempts to act relaxed as she tells Mia that she needs to talk to her for just one second. Jeb immediately realizes that someone else is in the house. "She just wants to talk," Katha whines. "She can help you," she adds. So Jeb takes his niece hostage. Much screaming and crying ensues. Jeb pulls his weapon and hustles the screaming Mia halfway down the stairs, where he runs into Doggett, his own gun drawn. They're doing the standoff thing, as Doggett hollers at Jeb to drop the gun, because he just wants to talk to him. He puts his own gun down and looks pleadingly at Jeb. Mia's still screaming. Then Monica just shoots Jeb in the head. Katha grabs Mia. Monica stares at the body. Was that totally necessary? Because it looked like Doggett was making some pretty good non-violent progress there, before she got all trigger-happy.

So they rush Jeb into the same bloody hospital that Scully is in and run into Nurse Lady, of course. Doggett is doing the entire "stay with me, man, you're not going to die on me now" routine and I guess it's because he wants to talk to Jeb about DeadLuke, because it's not like they bonded during the hostage situation or anything. At any rate, Nurse Lady bars Monica and Doggett from the ER and takes Katha with her. Doggett stares after them. Monica tells him that there was nothing else he could have done, Yeah, because you shot the suspect through the head. She hypothesizes that maybe the whole point of the visions and everything we all just suffered through was to save little Mia, and frankly, I don't think that's a sufficient payoff, really. Monica tells Doggett to go home and get some rest and then purses her lips thoughtfully.

Scully peacefully sleeps in her hospital bed. This has been a physically demanding episode for Gillian Anderson, with all the sleeping and the laying. Doggett is watching her sleep, again, which is just a tiny bit creepy. He has yet another vision -- the same scene, the same moment of Monica turning around to look at him sympathetically. No screaming gulls, at least. Okay, there they are. Poor Doggett flashes back to DeadLuke, lying around all dead. Then his little body turns to ashes. Doggett blinks. He's back in Scully's room, and Mulder has just entered the room behind him. Mulder nods toward the hall, and Doggett follows him out of the room. Mulder whispers that Scully just fell back asleep, after they did it in her hospital bed. Okay, he left the last part out. By the way, we now have confirmation that Duchovny is taller than Robert Patrick is. Doggett explains that he came into the hospital with Jeb Dukes, who might not make it through the night. "And now you're wondering if there's an explanation?" Mulder asks, crossing his arms. Doggett doesn't respond. Mulder tells him that when he first started at the FBI, he was in Violent Crimes, where he saw "the worst of humanity." He started to wonder how people became evil, and, he says, scientific explanations were never truly satisfying to him. Really? I did not know that. He began to think of evil as a disease, he says, something that goes from man to man or age to age, something to which we're all vulnerable. When something awful happens, Mulder says, we become open to evil. We can become evil. "So what you're saying is that Jeb is infected with evil?" Doggett asks. "The same evil that killed my son? Do you really believe that?" Mulder cocks his brow. "I sort of believe everything," he explains. They exchange Meaningful Stares as the Mournful Oboe wails in the background.

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