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I'm Monica! I'm Disgusting!

Hospital. Doggett sneaks in Scully's room. He stares at her unconscious body, curled there on the bed. Then he has a vision, or a flashback, or something. It's very Twin Peaks. He watches as the police and Monica gather around something on the ground in the middle of the woods. The music on the soundtrack sounds like mortally wounded seagulls, frantically cawing their dead rattle. G-men are running all around him. Doggett snaps out of it when Nurse Lady slides in the door and tells him to get the hell out of the room. He takes one long last look at Scully and makes his haunted face.

Dark and mysterious FBI hallway. Mulder strolls down the hall. Out of nowhere, Doggett grabs him and throws him against the wall. Dude! Anger. Management. Classes. "Stay out of my life! Stay out of my life!" he screams, hysterically. Mulder calmly asks Doggett to take it easy. Doggett shouts that if Mulder wants information on him, he ought to damn well ask for it! He doesn't want to get calls about Mulder snooping around behind his back! (Who called him, one wonders? Certainly not the Skinman. I suspect Kersh.) Mulder grits that he was asked to look into Doggett's past. "Who asked you?" Doggett demands. Monica slides out of the background. "Agent Doggett. What are you doing?" He and Agent Mulder are building a model boat they plan to race on that lake in the middle of Central Park, brainiac. They're fighting. Monica sloooooowly explains that she called Mulder for some help with a case. Doggett is all crazed and wild-eyed. Monica tells him that she's working on something connected to DeadLuke -- a vision, she clarifies. (So to speak.) Doggett suspects that Monica is making something out of nothing. Yada yada, apparently, Fiery Guy was a suspect in Luke's murder. Doggett doesn't buy the whole vision deal. He snaps at Mulder and Monica to leave his past the hell alone! And then stomps out. Mark Snow cues up the Mournful Strings of Dead Children. Monica tells Mulder that she knows "there's something there." Mulder shakes his head and walks out. Monica makes what I fear will be one of the first of many thoughtful empathic faces. I hate her

Katha Dukes's residence. Silver Springs, Maryland. A cute little girl answers the doorbell. It's Monica. Mommy comes to the door. This is a long, boring Monica-centric scene, which I will mostly spare you. Katha is Jeb's sister. She doesn't think her brother is capable of these atrocities, because, she says, we're all born uncorrupted and...I'm sorry, I fell asleep. The action figures had to poke me with my fountain pen for a good ten minutes before I woke up. Now my left thigh is all polka-dotted with peacock-blue ink. The long and the short of it is that Jeb calls while Monica is there. Katha doesn't squeal. Jeb swears he's not a murderer. Whatever.

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