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Baby, It's You

FBI Interrogation Room. Doggett directs Frances Fisher to tell Mulder and Skinner what she told him and Agent Crane. Why is Crane -- oh, whatever. Frances Fisher tells the boys that, for the last ten years, she's been researching human cloning. The project she was working on was largely unsuccessful but well funded. By "government men, but they're all dead now." Mulder cocks a brow. Dude, I just saw the episode on F/X where the consortium got all burned up. Good times. Frances Fisher exposits that they were "surprisingly successful with a clone from a human egg and alien DNA." DNA that the government had since 1947. Frances Fisher and her cronies were making alien babies, which were eventually birthed by human mothers who were desperate to conceive. The alien babies didn't live long, but the researchers were able to harvest tissue and stem cells for other experiments -- experiments that Frances Fisher didn't work on, but knew were "something good." Mulder gruffly wants to know what they did to Scully. Everyone stares at everyone else. "We were trying to protect her," Frances Fisher says. "What did you do to her?" Mulder asks, again. Frances Fisher tells him that he doesn't understand. Mulder, agitated, demands that Frances Fisher tell him what's wrong with Scully and her/their baby. Doggett quietly tells Mulder to listen to Frances Fisher, who eyes them all, and then leans in and explains that there's absolutely nothing wrong with Scully. "The child she is carrying is very special," she says carefully. Tight close-up on Doggett. Tight close-up on Skinner. Tight close-up on Mulder. "One could only hope to create that in a lab. A perfect human child, but with no human frailties," Frances Fisher continues. Mulder looks down, then gets up and stomps out. Skinner and Doggett exchange glances. Perfect human child....no human...barren mother...very interesting.

Doggett goes after Mulder, but Crane intercepts Doggett before he catches Mulder. It's about Billy Miles. "Called in," Crane says, "from Parenti's office." Billy Miles wants to give himself up. Doggett looks up to see the elevator doors close on an inscrutable-looking Mulder. Doggett sighs. "All right, let's get over there," he says.

House of Scully. Scully is lolling on the sofa with a book, trying to read, when Mulder comes a-knocking on her door. She lets him inside with a wrinkled brow. "What's wrong?" she asks. He tells her they have to leave, and immediately. She, naturally, would like to know why, but Mulder is being rather impenetrable. "Is it about my baby?" she asks. Mulder solemnly tells her that her baby is fine; she's the one in danger. He not sure about anything, he says, but he knows he's got to get her out of there. And then Scully's issues come bubbling to the surface. "Mulder, I can't live like this!" Scully spits. "Like the object of some unending X-File!" Mulder assures her this isn't about the X-Files. "It's only about you," he says intensely. "Now," he continues, "you're going to have this baby, and I'm going to do everything I can to protect it." Scully bites the corner of her lip. "But I can't do that here," Mulder finishes. Stare. Stare. Scully walks off to the bedroom to pack.

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