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Baby, It's You

Okay, I guess Moronica took the bloody Concorde to D.C., because all of a sudden, she's downstairs in the parking garage. She hops out of the cab, Doggett sends the cabbie off without paying him, and then Moronica demonstrates her grasp of the severity of the situation by making a crack about visiting the little girls' room. Doggett wisely ignores her. He calls up to Skinner and tells him to send Scully down to the garage. Mid-sentence, he sees Billy Miles stomping through the garage. God, the FBI has terrible security. Doggett barks at Mulder and Scully to get back inside the building. He runs, T2-style, toward the elevator, Moronica scampering behind him. "Go back, go back!" Doggett yells.

Unfortunately, Mulder and Scully are already out of the elevator. The doors haven't closed behind them yet, and Skinner yells at them to get the hell back inside. Poor Scully; her swollen little feet must be killing her. She and Mulder scuttle back inside the elevator, the doors of which close right in Billy Miles's face. Billy Miles heads for the stairs. Doggett and Moronica arrive at the elevator bay just in time to see the door to the stairwell swing shut behind Billy Miles. Doggett rings Skinner to tell him that Billy Miles is in the building. And heading right for them!

Back in the elevator. The doors slide open to reveal Krycek, who's still standing there in the hallway. He smirks. "Hey, look who's back!" he drawls. "He's in the building," Skinner grits. Behind him, Scully looks simply terrified. Mulder just looks like there's a stone in his shoe. "What do you want me to do?" Krycek asks. Mulder leads Scully out of the elevator. "You're going to protect her," he says. Scully just stands next to Krycek, looking perturbed, to say the least. The doors close on Skinner and Mulder, neither of whom looks particularly thrilled with their latest plan.

Billy Miles is now just walking around inside FBI headquarters, roaming the deserted halls. Remind me the next time I want to kill, kidnap, or rob someone, that I should do it there, because it appears to be a regular sanctuary for criminals. Billy Miles looks around evilly. He scares me. Although, I like his floppy hair. He notices that the elevator has gone all the way up to the roof and heads off for some more head-chopping mayhem.

As soon as Billy Miles is gone, Krycek leads Scully out a doorway and down the hall. They scamper down the stairs.

Billy Miles is still heading for the roof.

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