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Baby, It's You

Down in the parking garage, Krycek hands Scully to Doggett, who hands her to Moronica, who packs her into the car. "Drive safely," Krycek says. Scully rolls her eyes. Moronica gets behind the wheel. The women exchange looks. Moronica peels out.

Now, if Mulder and Skinner were smart, they would have gotten off at a lower floor and sent the elevator to the roof to throw Billy Miles off the scent, but no. They're on the roof. Billy Miles, also on the roof, sees someone's legs walking around the perimeter of the roof. It's Skinner. He and Billy Miles play a little game of cat and mouse. Cat. And. Mouse. "Please, don't kill off Skinner. Please, don't kill off Skinner. Please, don't kill off Skinner," I chant. The action figures eye me in what might be termed a sympathetic way, but they turn away as soon as they see me looking at them. Billy Miles and his Karate Chop of Doom heads right for Skinner. Not Skinnnnnnnnnner!

Scully and Moronica speed through the parking garage.

Billy Miles is still marching toward Skinner, who peers over the roof and spies a garbage truck speeding down the street.

Inside the garage, Crane is positioned right in front of the driveway. He holds out his hands like a glorified traffic cop, gesturing for Moronica to stop the car.

Skinner's still looking down at the approaching trash truck. Billy Miles marches on, getting closer and closer. Suddenly, Mulder races up behind Billy Miles. As Billy Miles raises his arm to take off Skinner's noggin, Skinner dives out of the way, and Mulder body-checks Billy Miles over the edge of the wall and into the garbage truck, which squashes Billy Miles like a bug. Or does it?

Crane keeps holding out his arm. Moronica and Scully just sit there. Finally, Crane waves Moronica and Scully into the street. Skinner and Milder watch the ladies drive safely away. So does Crane. Crane and the big old alien replicant bumps on his neck. Call me crazy, but that was a pretty good episode. I wish I could talk it over with the action figures, but at this point, I'm just glad they didn't come with tiny plastic guns. Who knew such little creatures held such big rage?

Next week: Push, Dana!

You know, the way FOX is marketing next week's episode, this entire "Scully's baby is born. Pray for it" tagline, is a giant fat rip-off of the marketing campaign for Rosemary's Baby, which, way back in 1968, used the line "Pray for Rosemary's Baby." That baby, of course, turned out to be the devil. Seems this might be going in the opposite direction. Or is it? Guess we'll find out.

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