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Baby, It's You

Boop beep beep beep. Frances Fisher tells Duffy Haskill they "have trouble" because Scully's "two partners" are "asking all the right questions." Duffy Haskill reminds her that Scully trusts her, and that she has to "play to that." Then he turns around, sees Billy Miles, and is promptly decapitated. There's a very dramatic and slightly gross head-flying- off-the-body effect here. Billy Miles stares down at the head. Mark Snow hesitates between "Ominous Chord (Decapitation)" and "Ominous Chord (Alien Reign of Terror [b])" and goes with the former.

Abandoned warehouse. Feds swarm into and around the building as Doggett pulls up in his Manly Truck. This is downtown Washington D.C, 5:18 PM. Doggett hops out of the truck and scampers inside. His pants are just slightly too short. Skinner's beaten him there; he shows Doggett Duffy Haskill's body, Duffy's head neatly tucked under his arm in the body bag. Skinner gruffly informs Doggett that the coroner said the way Duffy Haskill's neck was severed "defies logic and the use of any conventional weapon." They're trying so very hard to hide their love, and failing miserably; Skinner surreptitiously looks Doggett up and down, like, four times. The warehouse, Skinner says, is an illegal medical facility used for human cloning. Doggett is amazed. "You read about these things, but you never believe they exist," he says. Skinner looks around. "Yeah, just like aliens," he grits. Doggett: are you suggesting...? Skinner: not yet. And then he tells Doggett that it appears Lev and Parenti were working with Haskill to monitor Scully's pregnancy. Doggett looks distressed, Skinner equally so. "Scully checked out fine," Doggett protests. Mid-protest, Mulder bounds into the warehouse. "You're missing the point," Skinner says. "What point would that be?" Mulder wonders. Skinner gives Doggett a "hang on while I deal with our favorite little loose cannon for a sec" look and hustles Mulder outside.

In the dirt lot, Skinner tells Mulder that he has some questions. About Scully's baby. About who the father is. Don't we all, Skinman? Don't we all? Mulder looks away and sort of smirks and nods. "Ah," he says. Then he sarcastically mentions an FBI office pool about the father of the baby, which I believe I totally called last week, thank you very much. Skinner gruffs that he's "had his suspicions" about...nothing specific, but I assume he means the nature of Scully's and Mulder's relationship. Mulder, again, says nothing and sort of inscrutably smiles in a way which could either mean "hell, yes, I shagged her rotten, baby," or "I only wish she'd pay me that level of attention, Skinman, my friend." "That is," Skinner continues, "until I found out that you had questions. About Scully's baby. About the pregnancy itself." More Mulder nodding. Did Skinner suddenly forget how to speak in complete sentences? Mulder stiffly informs Skinner that the father's identity is Scully's business, and only her business, but adds that if Skinner is asking how a woman who is barren is about to have a baby...well, he can't answer that question. Does that mean that Mulder knows who the father is but he doesn't know how the father became the...oh, forget it. Stare. Stare. Skinner says needs "good, hard...answers. Fast." So Mulder snatches Skinner's cell phone and dials. What happened to his own damn phone? The FBI took his phone, but not his gun? I'll never understand the federal government.

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