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Baby, It's You

Shower of Scully. Naked Scully is taking a TV Shower; in other words, her eyes are open, her hair is neat and she still has makeup on. The water beats down on her head as the phone rings in the distance. Scully hollers at Frances Fisher to answer it, but it just keeps ringing. So Scully totters out of the shower, tying her robe over her huge belly and picks up the phone. "Are you all right?" Mulder asks. Shower banter. In the midst of the banter, Scully hears a door close. She glances over her shoulder. Mulder's yammering about how he and Skinner need to talk to her about the baby, but she's not paying much attention. Mulder tells her that Skinner's found possible evidence of a mysterious interference in Scully's pregnancy. Scully looks slightly concerned, but she's mostly concerned about what's going on behind the closed door in her own apartment. She finally just puts the phone down, flings the door open, and finds Frances Fisher in the bathroom -- apparently, Dana "Moneybags" Scully has two bathrooms in that apartment -- fiddling with the pills. Scully roughly knocks the envelope out of Frances Fisher's hands. "What are you doing? What do you think you're doing with these? Who are you? Who are you?" she yells.

Hospital Set. Scully buttons up her shirt. I wish we'd got to see how she got from yelling at the potentially threatening Frances Fisher and to the hospital, frankly. Did she hold Frances Fisher at gunpoint? Was Frances Fisher contrite? Did she wait nicely while Scully got dressed, did her hair , called her mother and Mulder, and drove to the hospital? Anyway, the doctor (the same doctor who let the guy who was infected with evil a couple of weeks ago die on the table without even trying to shock his heart back into action) comes in and informs Scully that everything is just fine with the AlienMiracleBaby. Eyebrow. Mama Scully and Mulder float into view in the background of the shot. The doctor (is she Scully's new OB/GYN? I think she must be the emergency doctor on call, which makes more sense) tells Scully that the mysterious pills were only vitamins. It doesn't make sense, the doctor says, but it's a relief. She walks out. Mama Scully shuffles into the exam room and tearfully apologizes. Scully gazes off and bites her lip emotionally. They embrace. Mulder floats around in the background. Mama Scully snuffles that she would never let anything hurt her Dana. Her Dana knows. Mama Scully is so worried about Daughter Scully, she says, because Daughter Scully keeps everything so bottled up. Scully sort of tearfully nods and looks over her mother's shoulder at Mulder, who is staring right at her. Out in the hall, Skinner walks up. Scully, now in the background and out of earshot, watches as Mulder tells Skinner that Scully is fine -- it was all just "a false alarm." In the background, the elder Scully helps her daughter put on her coat. The direction in this scene is very good, by the way. Skinner tells Mulder that they can't hold Frances Fisher on criminal charges, but Doggett's been talking to her and Skinner thinks Mulder ought to hear what she has to say. The two of them leave. Nice of you to tell Scully what's going on, dipshits. I hate the way Scully's being treated like a particularly expensive package in this episode. I know the baby is important, I mean, obviously, but it's not like Scully's just the Guest Star in Danger this week. Dude, she's been on the show for going on nine years. I wish they wouldn't treat her like a fancy, redheaded incubator.

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