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Kids Today! I Blame the Rap Music.

Eventually, Mulder catches the twins, and manages to grab both of them. They start screaming for help, attracting the attention of a trucker, who climbs out of his cab and pulls his shotgun on Mulder, ordering Mulder to let the girls go. His wife, coming out of the truck behind him, threatens to "call the cops." Scully comes running up. "We are the cops," she says. The Trucker and Mrs. Trucker roll their eyes. Mulder reluctantly lets the girls go. They run off again, natch. Mulder and Scully take off after them, this time flashing their badges at the trucker couple, who look at each other like, "Whoops."

So, the girls have disappeared again. Mulder heads into the restaurant and asks the waitress if she's seen them. She hasn't, she says, but a bunch of kids just left on a school bus. Mulder makes a face.

Outside, a car that looks like Mulder's and Scully's pulls out of the parking lot. After it hits the highway, the twins slowly emerge from underneath a tarp in the bed of a motor boat. They're awkwardly climbing out of the boat when Mulder emerges from the darkness and grabs them yet again. "Get your sodas?" he asks. "We didn't do anything wrong," one of them says. "We're just little girls," the other one protests, as they struggle in his grasp. "That's the last thing you are," Mulder says.

Reardon homestead. Teary Mommy stands next to the fireplace, looking at a photograph of Cindy and Mr. Reardon. She carefully tears the picture in half, feeding the half with Cindy's face into the fire. "All I need to know is she was not my daughter. She never was," Mrs. Reardon says. Mulder and Scully calmly watch. Um, okay, but you thought she was your daughter since she was born. You'd think it'd be a tad harder to get over the fact that the child you raised and loved for nine years was (a) not actually your daughter, and (b)a total loon who killed your husband.

Back at the asylum. Cindy and Teena now have their own little cells as Eve Nine and Eve Ten. They're right next to Eve Six, who's quite pleased to see them. "Hello, girls," she says. "It's nice to have company." Intensely creepy Mona Lisa smiles all around.

Upstairs, someone in a white lab coat and a ponytail signs in, collecting her panic button. She walks through the dark and dank hallways of the asylum and comes around the corner to the Eve section of the institute. She turns and peers at the camera. "Hello, Eve Eight," Eve Six coos. "We've been waiting." Eve Eight quietly looks at her sisters. "How did you know I'd come for you?" she asks. "We just knew," Eve Nine says. "We just knew," Eve Ten parrots. Creepy stares all around. I will never be able to sleep again.

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