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Kids Today! I Blame the Rap Music.

Outside, Scully asks whether Mulder still believes this case is UFO-related, especially since Cindy didn't mention anything about red lightning. Mulder doesn't know; he thinks that maybe the only thing similar between Cindy and Teena is their appearance. Scully wonders whether maybe their identical countenance is simply a random occurrence. Like, they're just two completely unrelated girls who happen to look exactly, completely, 100% alike. "Who both just happened to see their fathers exsanguinated? I'd like to see the odds on that in Vegas," Mulder says, getting into the car. Scully looks over the Reardon yard one last time. Her eyes are all red and puffy. I wonder whether Gillian Anderson had a rough morning when they filmed this scene, bursting into tears when she saw her outfit. Or, you know, if her allergies flared up.

Mulder drives himself and Scully around the block. "The girls are the only link between two identical murders," he says, "and one of them was abducted." Scully purses her lips. "Kidnapped," she corrects him. "Po-tay-to, po-tah-to," Mulder sings. Scully smiles, in spite of herself. Mulder parks the car and tells Scully that he thinks Cindy might be in danger of being kidnapped, too. He's going to stake out the house, and he wants Scully to hit the Stapes Center to see whether the Reardons and the Simmons were enrolled in the same fertility program.

Luther Stapes Center for Reproductive Medicine. Scully chats with a doctor who, with his white hair and white coat, looks exactly like Colonel Sanders of KFC fame. "In-vitro fertilization is a procedure in which we can implement fertilization -- an implantation of the embryo in the uterus," the Colonel explains. I hope Scully's taking notes, because this information might useful to her in the future. She wonders whether someone could accidentally be implanted with the wrong embryo. Not at the Stapes Center, the Colonel says. They're very careful. Scully stops in the hallway and asks him whether the Mr. and Mrs. Simmons were ever patients at the clinic. The Colonel stiffly informs her that information is completely confidential. Scully seriously tells him that both Simmons mère and père are dead, and their child has been kidnapped. "I'd say any information you had, that could help, would override that policy," she says. The Colonel makes a "shit!" look and takes her into another room.

Turns out the Mr. and Mrs. Simmons were patients, way back in the day. They came to Stapes nine years ago under the supervision of a Dr Sally Kendrick, according to their case files. At the mention of Dr Kendrick, the Colonel makes a horrible face. Dr Kendrick was "nothing but a problem," he tells Scully. He then shows her a promotional video for the Stapes Center, featuring Dr Kendrick herself. Kendrick yammers about the miracle of in-vitro fertilization in the background as the Colonel tells Scully that Kendrick was brilliant; she graduated first in her class at Yale Medical School, and she also had her doctorate in biogenetics. The Center was thrilled to have her...until they found out that she was tampering with genetic material in fertilized ova in the lab prior to implantation. Scully looks shocked. Seven years down the line, this sort of thing will so be old hat. Although, seven years down the line, this sort of thing will also make her cry. The Colonel looks down at his desk and tells Scully that Kendrick was experimenting with eugenics. She was reported to the AMA and fired from Stapes, the Colonel finishes, and he requested an investigation by the U.S. Health Department. "What happened?" Scully asks. The AMA censured Kendrick, the Colonel tells her, but his request for an investigation was denied, and she disappeared. "We know the pain of infertility," Kendrick pipes up on the television behind them. Sadly, it seems that no one will know the pain of infertility more than Scully. And then she'll know the pain of having to give birth in front of a hundred strangers, all complete with Decapitating Kung-Fu Grip. There's no video to guide you through that.

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