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Kids Today! I Blame the Rap Music.

Back at Cindy's, the creepy kid says her prayers, climbs into bed, and turns out the light. Her mother weepily stands by and pats Cindy's head. "You're such a special little girl, Cindy," she says. Well, that's one way to put it.

Mulder and Scully are back on the stakeout outside the Reardon house. Mulder hypothesizes that Eve Seven and Eve Eight probably committed the murders. "Sally Kendrick did have an accomplice," he says. "Herself." Scully snorts that she was beginning to suspect the girls. "No. No, no, no," Mulder says, popping a sunflower seed into his mouth. He tells Scully that he thinks the Eves are "getting rid of the parents to keep the girls in the family." Scully looks out the window.

Inside the house, Cindy gets out of bed and looks around. Mark Snow cues up the Scary Timpani of Creepy Cloned Children.

In the car, Scully spies Cindy standing by the window, all by her lonesome. As she watches, someone enters the room and grabs Cindy. "Mulder, let's go!" Scully squeals. "I'll take the back," he yelps as they leap out of the car.

At the front door, Scully roughly pushes Mrs. Reardon out of the way. She creeps up the front stairs, gun drawn.

Mulder slinks through the back yard.

Scully's halfway up the stairs when someone rushes past her and bashes her on the head, knocking her unconscious.

Mulder's nearly through the back yard when someone crashes through the sliding glass door. "FBI" he shouts. "I'm armed!" Man, I have always wanted to say that. To someone else, I mean, not just to the mirror in my bathroom. The intruder turns around: it's an Eve, presumably Sally Kendrick, holding Cindy in one hand and a handgun in the other. She points her weapon at Cindy's chin. "Drop it," she barks at Mulder. "You know I'm capable." Slowly, slowly, Mulder places his own gun on the ground. The Eve books, getting in a waiting car and squealing down the street. Mulder gives chase. On foot. Mulder, I know you're in good shape, but you can't run sixty miles an hour.

In the front yard, Scully -- appearing no worse for having her head bashed in -- gives the police the lowdown on the Eve, warning them that she's armed, dangerous, and severely psychotic. Meanwhile, Mulder comforts Mrs. Reardon, telling her that it's unlikely Kendrick will kill Cindy. "We'll find her," he says. Mrs. Reardon stumbles off in tears. "Then what do we do?" Scully asks Mulder, over his shoulder. He doesn't seem to have an answer to that question.

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