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The Kiss

Middle of Nowhere, USA. Moronica's behind the wheel of the product-placed Sensible Car Complete With Sunroof (the license plate, by the way, reads 42 BIEK, not LZ BIEN as reported on the forums). Scully sleeps with her head against the window. After a moment, she opens her eyes and looks groggily first out the window and then at Moronica. "I was hoping this was all a dream," she says. Moronica just looks at her. "When did the sun come up?" Scully asks. About six hours ago. In North Carolina. ["Um, Scully's hugely pregnant. She would have awakened with the need to pee at least once in six hours, if not twice or more." -- Wing Chun] Moronica tells Scully -- and us -- that they're somewhere in Georgia. "Long way from home, Agent Scully," Moronica says. Scully leans back against the headrest. "Under the circumstances," she comments wearily. Moronica nods. "Right," she says, and inwardly berates herself for telling someone who'd been abducted by aliens (twice!) that Georgia was far from anywhere. "We can't be too safe," Moronica continues, nodding solemnly and pursing her lips. Scully examines her face. "Are you all right, Agent Reyes?" she asks. Moronica indicates that she's fine; the person who should be answering that question is Scully, after all. Scully sort of peers at Moronica before figuring out that Moronica is nervous about delivering the NotAlienMiracleBaby. "I've never delivered a baby before," Moronica admits nervously, looking at Scully as though she's afraid Scully's going to smack her or something. Scully wearily smiles and reminds Moronica that she's never had a baby, so, that "makes two of [them]." Moronica smiles wanly. The two agents purse their respective lips and look out the window at the barren landscape. Whoops, there's that word again.

Back at the FBI, a frustrated and strung-out-looking Mulder shows Doggett and Skinner a "video-catch" photograph of Billy Miles in scrubs, strolling -- complete as you please -- right out of the morgue. Doggett gruffs that that's impossible. Mulder is all, yeah, but it's true. "We took him to the morgue in a box," Doggett sputters. "Like I told you," Krycek pipes up from his perch on the sofa behind them, "you can't stop them." Skinner, Doggett, and Krycek turn and shoot him a dirty look. Skinner sternly advises Krycek to stop saying that and start explaining what he means, because Skinner is having a real hard time understanding how Billy Miles could be alive after being crushed in a trash compactor. Behind him, Doggett and Mulder cross their respective arms and stare at Krycek, who comments that he can't explain it "technically." Skinner yells that Krycek is sitting there alive precisely because he can explain it. Krycek flutters his lashes and repeats that Billy Miles is a "new kind of alien," brought here to earth to "aid in the repopulation of the planet." Repopulation with what? Aliens? Does that mean that the aliens used to be here, or are the aliens planing to wipe out the humans and then repopulate the earth with their own kind? Have we already learned that, and I just forgot? How does the writing staff at 1013 keep track off all this? Or do they? Mulder asks whether Scully is a threat to that repopulation. "If she has that baby," Krycek says. Mulder looks wicked pissed. Doggett angrily uncrosses and recrosses his arms. "I don't care what he's made of," Doggett drawls. "There's no way he's going to find her. No way." Krycek slowly turns his gaze to Doggett. "Maybe not," he admits, "but there are others out there just like him." Skinner glares at Krycek, and then looks Mulder, who looks at his feet. "It's only a matter of time before they will," Krycek finishes. Stares all around. Agent "Alien" Crane sticks his head in the room and asks to speak to Doggett.

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