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The Kiss

Moronica and Law Lady come inside the Inn with No Room for the Night, Moronica calling for "Dana." Scully slides out of her hiding spot in the hallway, holding up her badge. The theme song brawps softly in the background. "I'm sure this looks untoward," Scully says. How much do you want to bet Kim Manners wagered Chris Carter he couldn't work the word "untoward" into this week's script? "There's a man who's pursuing us and it is very important that he not find us here," Scully says softly. Law Lady looks at Scully and then at Moronica, and babbles something about off-season hunters and that Scully shouldn't try to have her baby there, because what if something goes wrong and they're all going to die and yada. Moronica tells her that it's not that crazy an idea, because Scully is a doctor, and can guide Moronica through the birthing process. Scully gives Law Lady the Pleading Eyebrow of the Melancholy Mother-to-Be. The eyebrow apparently works its mojo on Law Lady, because she offers to give them her first-aid kit, towels, and some proper swaddling. Moronica makes a relieved face. Scully is thankful.

FBI Parking Garage. 2:56 AM. Hang on. So, it's 2:56 AM in DC, and daylight in Georgia? What the hell? Or is this supposed to be way later? I guess Mulder and Doggett were looking for Noel Rrrrrrrrroarrrr all afternoon, because, as the boys pull up in their standard issue black G-man car, Mulder snarks that he finds it interesting that Noel is all, "I need your help, John," that morning and is now all nowhere to be found. Doggett hypothesizes that Noel "got spooked," but adds that he's beginning to "think maybe it doesn't make a damn bit of difference." Mulder looks at him. "You told me that he told you he knew how to stop Billy Miles. Are you telling me now you think he's a liar?" Mulder is all worked up. "He is, or he isn't. What the hell difference does it make?" Doggett zens. Mulder sets his jaw. "It doesn't make any difference at all, unless you want to protect Scully and that baby," he says. Doggett looks at him wearily. "And then what?" he asks. "How long can you keep this up? How long until the next Billy Miles raises his head, the next threat, the next phantom? Ever stop to ask yourself? All the sacrifice? The blood spill? [Mulder settles back into the passenger seat with a sigh.] You've given nearly a decade of your life. [Mulder shoots him an angry and exasperated look] When the hell is it all going to end?" Stare. Stare. Mulder looks out the window and then back at Doggett. "I don't know," he mumbles. "Maybe it doesn't." Stare. Nod. Sigh. A squeal of brakes as Krycek pulls his black car into the garage. Mulder and Doggett move their own car in order to better surveil Krycek, and Doggett wonders how the hell Krycek keeps getting into the building. "Recognize his passenger?" Mulder wonders. "That's Noel Rrrrrrrrowowowoer." Dum dum dum dum!

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