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The Kiss

Parking Garage. Noel gets out of Krycek's car. Doggett opens his own car door to trail him, and looks over at Mulder. "Go ahead, I got Krycek," Mulder says. "I'll bet you do," the world mutters.

So Doggett goes running up the stairs of the FBI, glancing down the hallway of each floor, looking for Noel. Finally, he gets to the top floor, finding nothing. Excellent camera work and editing in this scene, by the way. Doggett turns to go, hears the elevator ding, and ducks into a dark corner to watch Noel stride robotically down the hall. Noel enters an office. Doggett crouches in the darkness. The soundtrack here is going nuts with the Bongos of Impending Disaster and the Tympani of Professional Betrayal. Doggett peers into the window of the office Noel disappeared into and sees his erstwhile friend chatting up Agent Crane and someone else we can't see. Noel and Crane exit the office together, Doggett sliding almost to the floor to avoid detection. Once they're gone, he runs down the hall, ducks into the outer room of Skinner's office, picks up the phone, and starts to dial. "Agent Doggett?" Skinner calls from inside his office. Doggett goes inside and shuts the door behind him. "What are you doing here?" Doggett asks. Skinner crinkles his brow. "I just got out of the hospital. What are you doing here?" he responds. Doggett tells his lover that he and Mulder were in the parking garage, surveiling Krycek. "What the hell is Krycek doing here?" Skinner barks. Doggett picks up the phone to call Mulder.

In the parking garage, Mulder quietly answers his phone. Doggett informs him that Noel went upstairs to meet Crane. "How does he know Crane?" Mulder asks. "That's a damn good question; he doesn't," Doggett gruffs. Skinner picks up his extension. Ew, not like that. Mulder hypothesizes that Crane is the person who let Krycek, Noel, and Billy Miles into the building. "Agent Crane has been in on this with your friend, which means he's in on it with Krycek," Mulder wraps it up. "They've been in on it all along." In on what? Doggett wonders. "Fooling us, Agent Doggett. Into chasing Billy Miles. Into thinking we could save her," Mulder sentence-fragments. Doggett furrows his brow. "Scully?" he asks. Duh. Mulder thinks that Noel and his cronies know where Scully is hiding out. Doggett insists that he's the only person who knows where Scully is. Mulder blusters that Crane could have had the FBI phone lines tapped, and listened in on Doggett's conversation with Moronica. Skinner pipes up that Crane would have to had access to the "communications systems" in order to tap FBI phone lines. Mulder dismisses this, saying that "this could go even higher" than Crane, anyway. He begs Doggett to tell him where Scully is, so that he can go save her. Skinner hangs up his end of the line and puts his gun in his waistband. Doggett makes a tortured face. "Look, we can nail these guys here, we can put an end to it," Doggett says. Mulder reminds him that they've got no guarantee that Noel and Crane aren't aliens themselves. Doggett rubs his forehead and accepts this, telling Mulder that Scully is in "Northern Georgia -- a place called Democrat Hot Springs." As Doggett says this, Mulder looks up to see that Krycek's car is empty. Then his window is bashed in and a hand snatches his cell phone and throws it onto the asphalt, where it is ground under a menacing foot. "Mooulder!" Doggett yells on the other end.

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