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The One Where We Recap The Movie
The morgue is full of plastic-wrapped bodies, the toe tags of which identify them as the fire fighters recovered from the rubble of the building in Dallas. Mulder wants to know what killed them. Scully says that she can tell him that without even looking at them: the bomb, stupid. Mulder quietly unwraps one of the bodies. Under the plastic, it's almost totally liquefied. Scully is scientifically grossed out. She puts on gloves and pokes the body. There has been no autopsy performed, she tells Mulder. "You're telling me that the cause of death on that report is false?" Mulder asks. "That this man didn't die from an explosion or flying debris?" They look at each other. Scully says that she can't tell him what killed the fire fighter, and, looking at the state of his body, she doubts anyone else could, either. Mulder opens his eyes really big. Mulder and Scully pull the body into the autopsy room, where Scully hypothesizes that Mulder knew this man didn't die as a result of the bomb. Mulder admits that he'd been told as much. "You're saying this is a cover-up, or what?" Scully sharply asks. Mulder doesn't know, he says, but he has a hunch that whatever she finds in the autopsy, it's going to be weird. And he turns to go, leaving Scully (as usual) to slice and dice all alone. Scully stops him and wisely points out that the autopsy's going to take a while; someone's surely going to figure out that they're not supposed to be there. "We're being blamed for this man's death, Scully," Mulder solemnly says. "I'd like to know what he died of. Wouldn't you?" Scully sort of stares at him. He leaves. She looks down at the body, resigned. I wonder whether Scully ever gets tired of doing what Mulder tells her to do. I know she trusts him -- and basically, deep down, believes in what he's trying to do -- but I wonder whether she ever just wants to toss the scalpel on the table and tell him to do his own damn autopsy, because it's four in the morning, and she's exhausted. Dupont Circle, Washington DC, 4:50 AM. Mulder hops out of a cab in front of an apartment building, swarming with cops. Upstairs, he enters an apartment -- the one overrun with police. The place has been ransacked. It's Kurtzweil's apartment. Mulder and the officer in charge banter about Mulder's coming in for a pelvic exam as Mulder flaps his badge. The cop tells Mulder that they've gotten Kurtzweil on kiddie-porn charges, while Mulder absently looks through Kurtzweil's books: The Four Horsemen of the Global Domination Conspiracy and Countdown to the Apocalypse. Mulder leaves.

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