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The One Where We Recap The Movie
Mulder's outside looking for a cab, when Kurtzweil -- lurking near the alley next to the building -- gestures to him. The two of them slink into the alley, where Kurtzweil hypothesizes that someone knows he's talking to Mulder, because he's being framed "again." You know, because he Knows Too Much. "That end of the world apocalyptic garbage you write?" Mulder asks, raising a brow, and I'm sorry, but Mulder is the last person who ought to be calling someone else's worldview "garbage," because last time I checked, he believed that his sister was frolicking around in the starlight with all the other dead children, like some kind of incredibly fey recess break. Oh, wait, that hasn't happened yet. Still. He's got some weird ideas, too, is all I'm saying. Mulder turns to go. "I was right about Dallas, wasn't I, Agent Mulder?" Kurtzweil asks. Mulder wants to know how Kurtzweil knew what he knew about what happened in Dallas. Instead of answering directly, Kurtzweil brings up the Hanta virus, a deadly virus spread by field mice in the southwest United States several years ago. "According to the newspaper, FEMA was called out to manage an outbreak of the Hanta virus," Kurtzweil says. "Are you familiar with what the Federal Emergency Management Agency's real power is?" he asks. Mulder is not. "FEMA," Kurtzweil says, "allows the White House to suspend constitutional government upon declaration of a national emergency. Think about that. What was an agency with such broad, sweeping power doing, managing a small viral outbreak in suburban Texas?" Mulder looks at him. "You're saying it wasn't a small outbreak?" he asks "No, I'm saying it wasn't the Hanta virus," Kurtzweil retorts. Mulder, naturally, wonders what it was. The two of them go deeper into the alley, where Kurtzweil tells Mulder that he and Bill Mulder once worked on what they were told was biological warfare -- some kind of virus for the army. "What killed those men?" Mulder grits. Kurtzweil admits that he can't even write about what killed those men. "We have no context for what killed those men, or any appreciation for the scale on which it will be unleashed in the future," Kurtzweil finishes. Mulder looks at him. "A plague?" he asks. "A plague to end all plagues, Agent Mulder. A silent weapon for a quiet war. The systematic release of an indiscriminate organism, for which the men who will bring it on still have no cure. They've been working on this for fifty years. While the rest of the world has been fighting crooks and commies, these men have been secretly negotiating a planned Armageddon," Kurtzweil says, and I know what he's talking about and while those words sound pretty like that, it's still awfully confusing. What is the silent weapon? The plague? Okay. But isn't it the aliens who are releasing the plague? And the Consortium is in on it with them, Kurtzweil thinks? But they're actually secretly working on a vaccine? Is that right? Not that it matters, since Chris Carter seems to have forgotten about this whole thing. Seriously: are we ever going to see an alien invasion on this show? Because I'm getting impatient. Blow the aliens out of the sky, or bring 'em on home -- let's just make a move, here, okay? Anyway. "Negotiating with whom?" Mulder asks. "I think you know," Kurtzweil retorts. "The timetable has been set. It'll happen on a holiday when people are away from their homes. The president will declare a national state of emergency at which time all government, all federal agencies, will come under the power of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. FEMA. The secret government," he finishes. Mulder almost cracks a smile. "And they call me paranoid," he cracks. Kurtzweil gives him a long look. "Go back to Dallas, Agent Mulder, and dig, or we're going to find out along with the rest of the country, when it's too late," he says. Mulder just looks thoughtful.

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