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The One Where We Recap The Movie
We zip back to the same small Texas town. Stevie's little friends play winsomely on top of a swing set and occasionally peer over their backyard wall at the E.T. Compound. Inside the Compound, CSM and his flunkies are closing shop. Bronschweig watches as they unload yet another one of those hyperbaric chamber things. He tells the flunkies that he wants them to keep the temperature inside the chamber steady until after he's administered the vaccine. He climbs down into the hole and walks into the greenhouse/igloo structure, where he finds the fireman totally gutted: the alien has burst out of his body. Mark Snow smacks the Bongos of Upcoming Alien Evisceration. Bronschweig rips off his HazMat mask and frantically looks around the igloo. Nothing. He runs over to the hole. "It's gone," he yells. All the flunkies blankly stare down at him and start backing up. "It left the body," Bronschweig says, casting around as he climbs up the stairs. Halfway to the top, he stops. "I can see it," he announces. And then the idiot goes back down the ladder and stares at the alien in the corner of the cave. Okay, kids? If a large, oily, toothy alien with retractable claws is stalking you? Run. "So much for little green men," Bronschweig mutters, taking the vaccine out of his pocket. He absently calls for one of the flunkies to come down and help him out. The flunkies exchange "no way" looks. Bronschweig sort of darts around the alien and they cat and mouse for a while, until the alien gets tired of the game and pounces, ripping his sharp claws through Bronschweig's skin. Bronschweig manages to jab the hypodermic needle into the alien. They're both screaming. Eventually, Bronschweig somehow crawls away from the alien and toward the ladder. As he weakly calls for help, the flunkies place a vacuum-sealed glass top over the opening of the hole and begin to shovel dirt over it. "Oh my God," Bronschweig breathes. As he leans on the bottom of the ladder, watching himself being buried alive, the alien recovers from the shock of the shot and jumps again. Don't stop now! Check out Part II!

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