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Still Fighting the Future
Upstairs, CSM is freaking. As much as he ever freaks, I mean. Which is not at all. "There's a contaminant in the system," a flunky squeals. "Mulder has the vaccine," CSM comments calmly. The ship is shifting and lurching. Mulder manages to pull the cord out of a choking Scully's mouth. She coughs and gurgles and sort of vomits up some green ooze. "I'm cold," she whispers. Mulder holds her face for a long moment. "I'm getting you out of here," he says. Upstairs, chaos reigns. Posts are abandoned and the ship is being evacuated. "It's all gone to hell," CSM says dry. "What about Mulder?" someone asks. "He'll never make it," CSM declares. Mulder sets the nekkid Scully on the dirty, dirty floor of the ship, and dresses her, fully, including socks, like, did he take off his own shoes, and remove one of his layers of socks and put them on Scully and then put back his own shoes? Because that's nuts. Finally, he gets her all dressed and pressed and starts hauling her though the bowels of the lurching, shifting ship, toward the vent from which he emerged. Upstairs, the evacuation continues. There's beeping. There's booping. There's running. There's screaming. There's smoking. There's driving away. CSM looks vaguely shell-shocked. The ship is now oozing green alien-y stuff, as the ice around all of the rest of the humans begins to melt all over the place. The aliens start breaking out of their human pockets. Meanwhile Mulder and Scully are climbing up one of the gearshift thingies, although Mulder is doing most of the actual climbing work. Since, you know, she just had a alien sucked out of her gut and she's a little tired out. Climbing. Climbing. Climbing. When they get to the top of one of the gearshifts, Mulder hollers at Scully to "keep moving!" She can't, she says. "Yeah, you can," Mulder grits, as he throws her over his shoulder fireman-style and races her through the ever-more-rapidly melting hallways. When they finally arrive at the vent from which he fell, he yells at her to reach up and grab the ledge. There is no response. She's unconscious. Mulder places her on the floor and discovers that she's not breathing, and that her heart has stopped beating. He frantically gives her mouth-to-mouth. "Geez," he groans. "Breathe. Breathe!" He starts administering CPR. After a moment, she comes to, coughing roughly. She says something under her breath, and Mulder leans in to hear her. "I had you, big-time," she wheezes. He sort of laughs at her, mostly with relief. He notices that an alien gestating in the poor soul right next to them is about ready to break through the ice. And the alien looks wicked pissed. Mulder hoists Scully into the vent and is climbing up after her when the alien does, in fact, burst through the ice, clawing for Mulder's foot, which it manages to grip solidly for one long moment before Mulder somehow kicks himself free. He and Scully climb and climb through the vent, but the alien is right on their heels. Below, all of the aliens are awakening, and man, they sound irritable.

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