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Still Fighting the Future
Tunisia. TUNISIA? Isn't this over? That wasn't the end? Okay, fine. Fine. Whatever. Foum Tataouine, Tunisia, like, suddenly, this is Star Wars. Whatever. Whatever. Anyway, there's a new crop of real evil corn growing over here in Tunisia, under Strughold's supervision. He's like the world's most evil farmer. The theme song swells in the background for the eleven millionth time as CSM strolls through the sand. Of Tunisia. "We have business to discuss," he tells Strughold. "We have regular channels," Strughold reminds him. "This involves Mulder," CSM says. Strughold is sick and tired of hearing about Mulder. "He's seen more than he should," CSM says. "He's determined, reinvested." Strughold makes a dismissive face. "He's but one man. One man alone can not fight the future," he says. CSM takes a telegram out of his pocket and gives it to Strughold. "Yesterday I received this," he says. Strughold looks at the telegram, makes a "foiled again!" face, drops the wire on the ground, and walks away. "X-FILES re-opened. Stop. Please Advise. Stop," the telegram reads. CSM puffs out some smoke and waltzes out of the shot. We pan over huge-ass cornfields and a whole bunch of breast-domes. The theme song goes all minor key. The drums go wild. We fade out. And I really have no idea what just happened here.

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