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Still Fighting the Future
Just inside the dome, the agents are assaulted with a blast of compressed air. They both jump. Mulder's tie has been blown over his shoulder. They enter the dome proper; it's all metal and white and vent-y inside. "It's cool in here," Scully says. It is totally cool, all modern and metal and shit. Oh, she means that the temperature is being regulated. I'm sorry about that pun right there, but recapping a movie? Way harder than just doing the show every week. First of all: twice as long. Second: no commercials. My brain hurts. Mulder and Scully suspect that they're on top of a larger structure: a venting system of some sort, perhaps? Mulder hears something and leans down and rests his ear on one of the many vent-like grids in the floor of the dome. "High voltage, maybe?" Scully wonders. Mulder makes his thinking face. "Maybe," he says. "Maybe not." He looks up at her. The venting system in the ceiling above them abruptly snaps open. "Scully?" Mulder says. "Yeah?" He stands up. "Run!" As he barks this at her, the vents in the floor swing open and thousands of bees come pouring out. Gillian Anderson's look of surprise and terror is really brilliant right here. Mulder pulls his suit jacket over his head and books for the door. He's almost there before he realizes that Scully is pretty far behind him (the perils of having a stylish jacket that both buttons and ties), still struggling to find her way out. Mulder calls back to her. She yells that she can't see. Mulder turns around and runs back for her, grabbing her by the wrist and leading her toward the door. Scully stamps her feet as the blast of air at the exit blows the bees off them. Scully and Mulder stumble outside. "You get stung?" Mulder asks. Scully says that she didn't. They both stand there for a moment, looking stunned and breathing hard, until a pulsating blue light appears over the cornfields. The light comes attached to two black helicopters, which swoop down low over the field, heading right for them. Mulder and Scully stare at each other for a moment and then dive into the cornfield, and run and run and run and run, as the choppers cast their searchlights into the rows of corn. Eventually, they get separated when, at one point, Scully has to kneel down to avoid detection. Mulder's on the ground, too, far from her. He bites his lip. What's with all the lip-biting David Duchovny's doing in this movie? On one hand, it's a new little quirk in his acting, which I think he's over-using. On the other hand, it's sort of hot. When he peels himself off his knees, Mulder notices that Scully is gone. He frantically looks around the cornstalks. "Talk to me, Scully!" he hollers. "SCUUUULLLLLLLLLEEEEE!" Nothing. "Damn it! Scully!" Mulder frantically searches for his partner. Over on the other side of the cornfield, she's calling for him, too, but he can't hear her over the sound of the helicopters. Eventually the choppers fly away, and the agents are reunited at the edge of the field. Mulder allows himself a small smile of relief when Scully finally stumbles from the corn. They book for the car as the theme song wails piteously in the background. I feel like I haven't mentioned Mark Snow in pages and pages.

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