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Still Fighting the Future
The limousine pulls in an alley (of course). Inside the car, WMM surreptitiously takes out his gun and tells Mulder that he was ordered by the Powers that Be to kill Kurtzweil and then to kill Mulder. But, dude, I thought the Consortium didn't want to kill Mulder because they didn't want to make him a martyr. Also, if they told WMM to kill Mulder, why did they bother to steal Scully? Or is WMM lying? But why would he do that? Whatever. Apparently, WMM has decided not to kill Mulder, because he shoots his driver instead. Mulder flinches when the gun goes off, and blood goes everywhere. WMM orders Mulder out of the car. Mulder makes a weak joke about the upholstery already being ruined. WMM just looks at him. "Trust no one, Mr. Mulder," WMM says. Mulder's like, yeah, I think I've heard that one somewhere. WMM finally gets Mulder to crawl out of the car. He waves his gun at Mulder and orders him to get moving, time's a-wasting; the aliens don't know the Consortium has the vaccine. "The vaccine may have the power to destroy the delicate plans we have so assiduously protected for the last fifty years," WMM says. "Find Agent Scully. Only then will you fully realize the scope and grandeur of the project! Go!" he shouts, pointing the gun at Mulder one final time. And so Mulder starts to run. WMM gets in his car. Which then blows up. The force of the explosion knocks Mulder to the ground. He looks back at the car, pulls himself up off the ground, and finally gets the hell out of there. Wilkes Island, Antarctica, forty-six hours later. Mulder's driving a Snow Cat across the snow. This is where the special effects get nifty and the plotting gets whack. Well, even more whack. Naturally, at this point, Mulder's Snow Cat runs out of gas, but according to his handy latitudinal/longitudinal tracking thingie, he's right where he's supposed to be anyway, so he gets out and starts to hoof it. Mulder climbs over a large hill and sees, below, a little community of other Snow Cats and several large igloos. He starts to scamper across the snow, but places a foot wrong and plummets several feet, falling, finally, though three separate layers in the ice, one right below the other, until he lands on a solid floor: (a) ouch, and (b) that fall totally should have broken the glass vial containing the vaccine, but, again, whatever. Mulder sort of sprawls there for a moment and then begins to crawl around, eventually finding a hole in the ground, part of what looks like a venting system. Throwing claustrophobia to the wind, he crawls through it, and eventually emerges inside a dark hallway, the walls of which are lined with human bodies in a state of suspended animation, all green and dark and icy and cool. He looks around, shocked and sort of stunned and amazed, both at the people inside the ice, and at the aliens, gestating inside them.

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