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Later. Scully has sent out an APB and there's a roadblock in place. "In time, we'll catch them," she tells Mulder. "I think time has already caught them, Scully," Mulder says wearily.

Cut to the white Cadillac, parked by the side of the highway. Cue the Johnny Mathis. "There, there," Mrs. Peacock says. "Sherman and George were good boys. We should be proud. And you got to know, Edmund, you can't keep a Peacock down. There'll be more. One day, there'll be more." The camera pans around to the trunk of the car. "Now, we have to move on -- start a new family," Mrs. Peacock continues. "One we'll be proud of. Find new place to call ours. A new home." And at this, Edmund climbs out of the trunk. I think he's buttoning up his fly, but I can't say for sure, because I've just recently gone blind. "A brand-new home," Mrs. Peacock coos. Edmund shuts the trunk and drives off. It's wonderful. Wonderful!

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