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"I guess I was just projecting on myself," Scully finally says. "Why? Is there a history of genetic abnormalities in your family?" Oh, Mulder, you shameless flirt! Scully wrinkles her nose. "No," she says. "Well, just find yourself a man with spotless genetic makeup and a really high tolerance for being second-guessed and start pumping out the little ├╝ber-Scullys," Mulder grins, patting her gently on the back. She snorts. Do I even really need to comment on that? I didn't think so. "What about your family?" Scully asks. "Hmmm?" Mulder asks, grinning. She looks at him. "Well, aside from the need for corrective lenses and a tendency to be abducted by extra-terrestrials involved in a governmental conspiracy, the Mulder family passes genetic muster," he says, with amusing gusto on the last bit. Scully smiles at him, and then stares at her feet. "Scully, that child inside is a tragedy," Mulder says, adding that the perps were probably just two young, scared, unmarried kids. It's infanticide, he concludes, but it's not a case for the FBI. Scully makes her thoughtful face and tells him that, from what she knows about genetic defects, "it's unlikely that child is the result of a single polygenetic mating." Mulder shrugs that the local authorities can investigate that. Scully shakes her head and tells him that "these kind of defects go back several generations." Mulder leans forward, resting his elbows on his knees. "Scully," he says, "Sheriff Taylor implied that the boys in that family were not really the type that could easily get dates." Scully shoots him an eyebrow. "He also implied that they practiced inbreeding," she says. "Now, we all have a natural instinct to propagate," she begins. "Do we?" Mulder purrs. Scully rolls her eyes. She explains that there are theories positing that the human body is simply a vehicle for genes needing to replicate. "Yeah, but there's no sister. The mother's been dead for ten years," Mulder points out, making a disgusted face. Scully counters that if the instinct is strong enough, man will do anything to satisfy it. "Now, a woman gave birth to that child, Mulder -- and my guess is, against her will," she says. Mulder looks at her thoughtfully. "Kidnapping is a bureau matter," he says slowly. She nods and gets off the bench. "Scully?" Mulder calls after her. She turns and he smiles at her. "I never saw you as a mother before," he says. Scully gives him a "what the hell are you talking about?" look and walks away. Mulder watches her go. I have no comment. No. Comment. At all.

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