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Over at the Peacock Farm, little pigs run around in their pen and wee wee wee all the way home. Scully and Mulder walk up the path, Scully tossing an interested glance at an old Cadillac perched on the front lawn. They climb the steps to the front door. Not without checking out the severed pig's head sitting on the bottom step, though. Some people have potted plants, some have severed heads. What of it? ["Damn you left-handed freaks! Damn you all to hell!" -- Wing Chun]

Mulder knocks on the screen door. Scully peers inside. There's no answer. Mulder goes to open the door, but Scully shakes her head. "No, there's no probable cause," she tells him. He shrugs, and they take out their flashlights, shining them through the screen. The flashlights illuminate a number of incriminating objects, including several bottles of liquor and a dirty, dirty, blood-stained table. Mulder and Scully exchange a glance and swing the door open, guns drawn. Mulder bags the bloody scissors, which he finds still sitting on the disgusting kitchen table. This episode is so gross, what with all the blood on the kitchen utensils and all the flies. And the crazy deformed incestuous family, of course. Mulder pokes Scully, pointing at a set of bloody footprints on the kitchen floor. She pulls out a Xeroxed copy of the casting taken of the footprints at the crime scene. "They match," she exposits. Mulder looks over near the door, where a bloody, dirty shovel rests against the wall. "This room alone should convict them" Scully whispers. "Yeah, if we can find them," Mulder says "They probably bolted when they saw us coming."

They turn their flashlights into a nearby dark room. This is so old-school! With the flashlights, and the guns drawn! Where did we get away from this? Where did it all go wrong? People tend to blame the move to Los Angeles, but, dude, it gets dark in Los Angeles, too. I own a flashlight and I've lived here all my life. Anyway. Mulder murmurs that they need to get a warrant for the Peacock boys' arrest and put out a county-wide APB to track them down. Scully reminds him that they need to check Missing Persons for a woman. "And check the vehicle identification number on that Cadillac," she says. Mulder hypothesizes that the Peacock boys are already long gone, having taken the woman with them.

The two of them take it to another room. It's so dark, I quite literally can't see what's going on. Flies buzz around; I know that much. Mark Snow does the Ominous Music of Impending Doom thing. I think Mulder and Scully have walked into yet another room, but it's so very dark that...oh, right. This is the scene where we see those menacing eyes under the bed. And hear all the gross heavy breathing. The eyes stare evilly into the darkness, and then blink. I've got to tell you, I've seen this episode countless times, and that scene still freaks me out. ["When this first aired, I was all alone in my parents' house, and man alive, I did not go to sleep until they came home. I was ALMOST TWENTY-TWO at the time. That's how creepy this episode is." -- Wing Chun]

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