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Mulder and Scully check out the bodies. Well, Mulder does. Scully looks at her lab results. "They really went caveman on them," Mulder says tightly. "The lab screwed up the DNA test on the infant," Scully complains, then reels off the laundry lists of problems the lab claims to have found with the child's DNA. "You suspected these abnormalities," Mulder reminds her. "Yeah, but this shows far too many gene imbalances. It would have to be a lab error," Scully says, showing Mulder the PCR report. "This child's DNA would have had to divide triplefold in cell metaphase." Wow, in retrospect, how happy am I that they had Scully stop talking like that? Not because I'm not all into the scientist thing, but because I can't spell. "Triple?" Mulder parrots, handing her the results. "Hey, Scully, what if each of the Peacock brothers was the father of that child?" he asks. She glares at him. "Mulder, only one sperm in thousands from a single individual can penetrate an ovum membrane, let alone one from three separate males. It's much easier when there is no ovum to speak of, as you and I will discover in a few short years." Mulder nods, then asks if generations of "autosomal breeding could produce such a mutation." Scully considers this, then tells him that, for that to work, there'd have to be a weakening of the ovum, which would have to come from a female member of the Peacock family. "And there aren't any left." Or are there? They exchange a look, before Mulder yelps that the Peacocks can't have gotten too far, and that they're going to need to get backup from the Pittsburgh field office. Aw, look at that! Mulder, following procedure! Scully points out that waiting for backup could take an entire day, and that the Peacocks may have a woman tied up at the farm suffering from life-threatening injuries. "Who knows that those men have done to her? I think that we should go out there right now," she says. Mulder reminds her -- and what's up with him being all practical? -- that the two of them are outnumbered and could further endanger the victim. "I'll take you out there," Paster says, popping up in the doorway. "Then it's three against three. And this?" he asks, whipping out his gun, "This should give us the advantage." He storms off, dramatically. Mulder and Scully just look at each other. "That was just a little too Chuck Bronson for me, Scully," Mulder says, before heading for the door. Scully stops him and asks how the Peacocks knew that Sheriff Taylor was even on to them. She reminds him that they couldn't have known about the warrants yet. Scully wonders if they overhead them talking about getting one while they were searching the house. Mulder reminds her that when they searched the house, the Brothers Peacock weren't there. "Exactly," she says. "How could they know?" He shrugs.

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