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The Seventh Sense

Down the hall, Josh peers through a crack in his door. Poor Josh. Someone's going to have some extremely high therapist bills in his future. Billy stares at Josh over their mother's shoulders, and Josh closes the door, tout de suite, and scampers over the window, where his father is loading Billy into the family van.

Outside, Mrs Underwood snarks that she can take Billy herself if it's such a strain on him. Mr. Underwood slams the van door shut and looks up at the house. He and Josh exchange a look, which clearly communicates that they both think this entire situation is totally wack. Mr. Underwood walks over to his wife and tells her that he doesn't want this Billy thing to "ruin [their] other son's life in any way." I like Mr. Underwood. He gets in the car, keys the ignition, and turns around to back out the driveway, only to see that Billy is, yet again, gone. Yawn. Both he and Mrs Underwood start combing the car for their son. Up in the window, Josh looks terrified. He turns around, and, yes, there's Billy, staring up at him, evilly. Josh screams for his father.

Back to the trailer park, which is now in a wider shot, and obviously not so much a trailer park as a junkyard with one trailer. Greasy is arguing with a brassy-looking dame, whom he wants to stop "hassling [him]." She tells him to watch his mouth. I guess she's his mother. Whatever. I'm sure that's not all that important. Brassy tells Greasy that she's got company coming, and "he won't take [Greasy's] lip." Company, in the form of a mean-looking bald guy, arrives perfectly on cue. Greasy tells Baldy to get away from him. Baldy makes some snide comment about the baggy clothes all the kids are wearing nowadays, and generally acts obnoxiously toward Greasy. Brassy grins, snaps her gum, and wonders when Baldy's gonna get his sweet ass in her trailer of love. This gets Baldy's attention and he gives Brassy a big old smack. She giggles. Greasy runs off.

And into the woods. At one point he stops, and starts digging in the ground. About two feet under, he unearths a skull. He pants.

Casa de Underwood. 5:53 PM. Scully, Doggett, and a psychic are all waiting around for Billy. Mr. Underwood expresses doubt that this is going to do any good. He tells the agents that Billy gives them all the creeps, save his mother. Doggett makes some noise about saving the Underwood family dynamic, but Mr. Underwood just rolls his eyes, takes Josh, and leaves. I advise him not to come back. As the door shuts, the psychic groans and asks Scully and Doggett if "this is going to happen." As a psychic, shouldn't she know that? Doggett basically asks her that same thing, and she smiles grimly, and tells him that she "takes psychic readings, not see through walls [sic]." Mrs Underwood brings Billy down, and the kid creeps the psychic out entirely. She squeals that "powerful forces" are working through Billy, "drawing him to his brother." She almost bursts into tears, as Mrs Underwood looks sniffily, and Billy, naturally, looks evil and bored. The psychic's eyes bulge out of her skull, and she starts blathering about "this force," which she says is "coming through Doggett," who, she says, "lost someone, just like Billy." Oh, pants. Not another one. Whatever, I'm not even going to touch that. Doggett looks taken aback. Scully looks perplexed. The psychic starts having a seizure of some sort. Billy stares. The pyschic falls back against the sofa, gurgling. As Scully and Doggett lean over her, a symbol appears on her forehead, under her skin. It's the same stupid-ass Blair Witch Project tree symbol. "Oh, my God," Scully says.

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