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Jessica: C+ | 1 USERS: C
The Seventh Sense

That morning, Mr. and Mrs Underwood stare at the newly revealed skeleton of their first-born. Doggett tromps over to Scully and announces that he "doesn't believe it." She's like, yeah, whatever, and explains that there is no doubt that Billy is dead. Doggett can't accept it. Scully tells him, firmly, again, that Billy is dead. She sighs, and reminds him that she knows how he feels, that she's been there, but he needs to accept that they saved Josh, at least, and they caught the perp. He asks her not to try to convince him that this is "some kind of justice from beyond the grave." She sighs, and tells him that maybe he's succeeded, whether he wants to believe it or not. They stare at one another. She walks off across the woods. Creepy music plays. The Underwoods cry and embrace. Doggett looks thoughtful. I miss Mulder.

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