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He's Totally Resistible, Dude

Inside the house, Stupid Woman makes cookies while Donnie loads the fridge. She yammers that the old delivery guy, Skip, was like part of their family. Donnie Pfaster makes stilted and crazy conversation. "Skip was around since before the kids were born," Stupid Woman says, smiling. Donnie leers back in return. As if on cue, an adolescent girl with long, dark hair swings into the kitchen. She exchanges pleasantries with Donnie before skipping back out of the room. Stupid Woman tells Donnie that she has three daughters. Donnie makes a pleased face behind the freezer door, and asks Stupid Woman whether he may use her washroom to wash his hands. She shows him to the downstairs bathroom. While he's there, Donnie digs a wad of hair out of the trashcan. He's blissfully fingering it when Stupid Woman opens the door and tells him that if he ever has to make a delivery when they're not home, he can just go in the back door. They always leave it unlocked, she says. Donnie smiles. "I'll remember that," he says. And then I get up and lock my front door.

Scully has, meanwhile, gotten stuck performing Barbie's autopsy. As the authorities unzip the body bag, Scully haltingly enters the room, looking very small and vulnerable in her scrubs. I notice she no longer wears the hairnet portion of the autopsy ensemble, for which I am sure we are all grateful. There's all kinds of voice-over action in this episode. "Death is a recorded event," Scully begins. "For reasons natural or unnatural, when a body ceases to function, the cause and the effect can be easily reconstructed. [The body] has a story to tell." She reaches up and turns on the microphone above the body. "Time is 11:14 PM, Monday, November 14," she says. So, it's 11:14, on 11/14. I'm sure that has some meaning in the 1013 universe. I know 11/21 is Chris Carter's wife's birthday. My grandma's birthday is 11/14, but I don't think this has anything to do with that. Anyhoo. "It may be an irony known only to those of us who conduct these examinations that death, like life itself, has a beginning, a middle, and an end," Scully muses. Oh, I think this is still her field report. I get it now! Multiple voice-overs totally confuse me. I wonder whether Blevins ever reads these field reports, like, at home, in his bath, and is all, wow, that Agent Scully sure works a pretty turn of phrase! Finally, Scully abandons the poetry and voice-overs/writes that this victim, Barbie, died for the "express purpose of getting her hair and fingernails." Scully can't pinpoint time of death, she says, because the victim was immersed in something cold, like water.

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