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He's Totally Resistible, Dude

While Scully talks to herself about how rotten murder is, Mulder observes a line-up at the local police station. The hooker who identified Barbie's body stares at the men lined up on the other side of the two-way mirror. "He's none of those guys," she says. She tells the authorities that she thinks maybe the killer drove a white car. She's not very helpful. Dude, one of the guys at the line-up is a midget! Way to assemble people who resemble the perp, Minneapolis PD. If Donnie Pfaster were a midget, he'd be way easier to find, like, duh. While the police stare at the hooker, who stares at the line-up, Mulder quietly stands in the back and looks pretty. After making sure that the hooker doesn't recognize any of the men in the line-up, the cops let her go. Mulder tells her that it "might be a good time to take that paid vacation," and she gives him this dirty look, like, "Ha ha, Mr. Oxford-educated. Didn't anyone tell you not to make fun of people who are forced to walk the streets to live?" Then she flounces out of the room. Mulder and Bocks stand in silence for a moment, and then Bocks starts whining that it's going to be nearly impossible to find the killer if he's "regular-looking" -- not being a midget or anything -- and hasn't got a record. "Until he kills again," Mulder points out. Bocks says that he read Mulder's profile of the killer. "Sounds like a guy who can't make it with women," he rasps. Which, he says, explains the hooker. "The hooker was just convenient," Mulder says. Their killer generally goes after young, attractive women. And "it's not enough that they're dead. He has to defile them. There's a deeper psychosis going on here." Well, yes. I would have to agree with that. Mulder hypothesizes that Donnie Pfaster has really serious issues with women, probably going back to dear old Mom. He tells Bocks that they need to contact psychiatric hospitals all over the area and see whether this MO rings any bells. "Nuts like this aren't made overnight," he says.

The nut sits in night class at what the slug-line identifies as Los Cerritos Adult Education. Shouldn't that be "Adult Education Center," or something? No matter. The professor yammers some stuff to the effect that "myths" have a "deeper purpose" -- to explain, to illuminate, to unwrap the truth. Donnie Pfaster stares at a short-haired blonde in the front, and her pretty, pretty fingernails. The professor says something about Freud and "subtexual themes." Did I mention that Chris Carter wrote this episode? Because he did. Do you think he's trying to tell the audience something? Because I'm not sure I get it. Something about myths? And meaning? And the truth? Hmmm. Interesting.

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