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John Doe

Moronica translates, telling Doggett that the CCC want them to come on out. I never would have guessed that, if not for her handy translation! I thought they wanted Doggett and Moronica to drive over to Los Kremes Krispy with them. Doggett scampers over to the garage door and throws the bolt. "The Cartel owns the cops in this town," he reminds us. "They're going to kill us." "They're going to try," Moronica agrees. The two of them hunker down behind the bus in silence for a moment before Doggett asks Moronica how long they've been working together. She glances back at him. "Not long, but we've known each other for years," she tells him. The CCC yell in Spanish some more, Moronica once again translating to Doggett that they have one minute to get their butts outside. "What's the name of my son?" Doggett asks her. Moronica turns back to stare at him, stricken. "It's weird. It's the only thing I can remember, that I have a son. I can see his face, but I can't remember his name," Doggett marvels. "His name is Luke," Moronica tells him, shortly, but not unkindly. "Luke," Doggett marvels. "How old is Luke? I can't even remember that." Moronica makes a face like she wants to burst into tears and just stares at him. Doggett's face falls. "Oh, God," he says. "Oh, God, no. He's dead," he says, slowly. "He was murdered. Is that right? Is that right?" The Mournful Music of Remembering That Your Kid Is Dead wails piteously. Doggett heaves. "He was kidnapped," he says, as Moronica watches the memories wash over his face. "He was just a little boy, and he was...oh!" Doggett weeps and weeps and I think I have something in my eye. It's a tiny piece of paper that reads, "Robert Patrick is a good actor." Moronica gently explains that she was assigned to Luke's case, which is how they met. Doggett is still weeping. Poor, poor Doggett. The cops outside get sick of waiting for the two of them to emerge and decide to force them out, launching a smoke bomb through one of the windows. "John, I need you here," Moronica tells him. "I need you to focus here. John?" More weeping. Moronica hauls herself off the ground and tosses the smoke bomb back out the window. Outside, the cops all look at each other and start bombarding the garage with bombs. Moronica crawls back to Doggett and grabs his shoulders and shakes him. "John! If we're going to die here, you're going to die on your feet!" she yells. He opens his eyes and looks at her. "Get in the bus," he says.

Next thing you know, the bus is barreling though the garage wall toward the cops. The CCC all yell as the bus speeds past them in reverse. It's very kick-ass...until Doggett tries to take a turn too fast and the bus tips over onto its side with a loud crash. Moronica and Doggett lie there amid the broken glass and stare at each other. They look out the windshield (in quite a cool shot) to see the cops closing in on them, guns drawn. All seems lost for our heroes until...an entirely different set of cops show up. The Federales! And who hops out of the passenger side of one of the federales's Jeeps? Skinner, in his FBI jacket! The Federales set to arresting and harassing the CCC right off the bat, as Skinner gingerly approaches the bus and peers inside the windshield and into the eyes of his poor, grief-stricken amnesiac lover, who stares back with relief. Also, he's wondering who the bald hottie is.

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