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Jose Chung's From Outer Space

LBO. "That is odd," Jose Chung tells Scully. Jose Chung goes on to tell her that when he was staying in Klass County, he went to that very same diner for lunch every day, and in the process became good friends with the cook. Who told him that one day Mulder came in, all alone. "Sat down. Ordered sweet potato pie. Identified himself as FBI Agent Mulder. He then questioned my friend," Jose Chung narrates, as we watch Mulder stroll into the empty diner and start putting away the pie. Jose Chung explains that Mulder asked one question for each piece of pie that he ate. And, apparently, Mulder can put away the pie. "You ever seen a UFO in these parts?" he asks. The cook has not. "You ever experience a period of missing time?" No. "You ever had the suspicion that you've been abducted by aliens?" Nope. "Have you ever found a metal implant in your body? Have you checked everywhere?" No. Also: ha. Jose Chung narrates that eventually Mulder polished off the entire pie and then left. "The cook never mentioned Lt. Sheaffer, let alone any other Air Force personnel." Scully is all, "Figures." Jose Chung remarks that Scully seems "non-nonplussed at these contradictions." Scully sighs that she isn't, especially considering what happened when Mulder got back to the motel.

Mulder knocks on Scully's partially open motel door and eventually just pushes his way inside, calling for her. Jesse Ventura looks up from where he's rifling through the upper drawer of the bureau. Mysterioso Man in Black #2 is sitting on the bed, his face in shadow. Mulder pulls his gun. "Where's Scully?" he yells. "Oh, she uh...she went to get some ice," Jesse Ventura says. "Where is she?" Mulder yells. At this, of course, Scully strolls inside, carrying a full bucket of ice. Mulder demands to know what's going on. "Mulder, these men have something very important to tell you," Scully says calmly. "Some alien encounters are hoaxes, perpetrated by your government to manipulate the public," Jesse Ventura begins. "Some of these hoaxes are intentionally revealed to manipulate the truth-seekers who become discredited if they disclose the deliberately absurd deception," he says. Mulder counters that some say that the men in black dress and act strangely so that anyone who speaks of an encounter with them will seem crazy. "I find absolutely no reason why anyone would think you crazy if you described this meeting of ours," Jesse Ventura offers calmly, as the second man in black comes up behind Mulder. Mulder turns around to look at him and does a double take. The second man in black? Is Alex Trebek. This never fails to amuse me. "You're feeling very sleepy," Alex says. "Very relaxed."

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