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Jose Chung's From Outer Space

Scully voice-overs that Chrissy's dad told the police about Harold's little visit, and they apprehended him at his own home.

Cut to the local station house, where Harold is being interrogated. "We were abducted by aliens," he says. "You don't sound so sure of it," one of the detectives says. "Well, it all seems so crazy," Harold explains. "And I don't know why Chrissy doesn't remember it." The detective wonders if Harold is willing to take a lie-detector test to prove he was abducted. Harold is. "Well, too bad!" the detective roars. He doesn't need test results to know that the only thing Harold was abducted by was "his rampaging hormones." Harold just looks tearfully at the table. Man, this date did not go the way he had planned, did it?

"But he did take a test. And passed it?" Jose Chung asks Scully. "And he stuck to his story. Until we got there," she replies.

Cut to the station house, where Harold is getting the third degree from Mulder. "If she says I raped her," Harold dully tells Mulder, "then I guess I raped her." Mulder comments that Harold doesn't "sound so sure of that." He takes a seat. Scully leans against the wall and crosses her arms. "It sounds so crazy. I don't know why Chrissy remembers it that way," Harold says sadly. Mulder wonders if Harold would be willing to take a lie-detector test to prove that he raped Chrissy. "No, I'm not," Harold finally says. "That's too bad. Because the next rape you experience will probably be your own. In prison." Mulder announces. How very comforting of you, Mulder. Scully voice-overs that "this should have ended [their] investigation," but Mulder decided to talk to Chrissy.

Poor Chrissy gets questioned again, as Scully makes a series of pained faces in the background. Chrissy admits that she can't sleep, she's having muscle pains and nosebleeds. Hell, I have all those problems. Excuse me, I have to go check the back of my neck for a metal implant. Hang on....Okay, all clear. Where was I? Ah, yes. Chrissy's also seeing aliens everywhere she looks, which, thank God, I've avoided thus far. Scully voice-overs that Mulder decided, on the basis of these facts, that Chrissy was suffering from post-abduction disorder. Back at the office, Jose Chung asks Scully whether she agreed with Mulder's diagnosis. Scully shrugs that stress of any kind can cause all of those ailments. Including seeing aliens? Man, I thought I was stressed out now, but I guess not. "In any case, Mulder convinced the girl and her parents to allow her to be hypnotized," Scully says.

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