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Jose Chung's From Outer Space

Mulder and Scully look down at Rocky, who very carefully hands Mulder the manifesto, explaining that it outlines everything the men in black wanted him to keep quiet about. Scully, in the background, just looks enormously exhausted. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go pack," Rocky announces, making for the door. Mulder wonders where they can find him. "You won't find me," Rocky tells them, and leaves. Scully closes her eyes.

Cut to Scully's motel room. She sits cross-legged on the bed, as Mulder reads Rocky's manifesto aloud. It's all "Stalled truck/ frozen in terror/ aliens/ light beams/ blah." Mulder pauses dramatically in his reading. "And then it happened," he reads. "The thing that forever changed my life."

Which we get to witness, in glorious Technicolor. Rocky watches from his electrical truck thingie as the Red alien attacks the Grays. He very slowly lies down across his truck's bench seat to hide, but the Red catches sight of him and approaches. "Rocky! Rocky! Be thou not afraid!" the Red growls. "No harm will come unto thee!" At this reassurance, Rocky peeks over the dashboard. Red marblemouths that Rocky's "participation" is vital to the survival of all earthlings! "Come," the Red begins, "I shall --"

"-- Showth thee," Mulder reads haltingly. He continues reading, telling Scully that, before Rocky knew it, he was in a "hover vessel" heading toward inner earth. Man, we've all had days like that, haven't we? Scully has fallen backwards on the bed. She merely blinks. Mulder reads less and less authoritatively. According to Rocky, the earth's inner core was the domain of the red alien "whose name, he soon told me, was Lord Kimboat." At this last bit, Mulder looks up through his lashes at Scully and heaves a giant sigh.

"In short, Rocky showed signs of being what is know as fantasy-prone personality," Scully tells Jose Chung back at the office. "Agent Scully, you are so kind-hearted," Jose Chung replies. "He's a nut. I just read his manifesto. I don't know what is most disturbing," he continues, "the description of the inner core's reincarnated souls' sex orgy, or the fact that the whole thing was written in screenplay format." Scully agrees that this is "peculiar." Jose Chung offers that Mulder, surely, didn't believe Rocky's tale. Scully gently explains that Mulder isn't the sort to "dismiss things outright." That's the understatement of the year.

Cut back to her motel room. "Mulder, you're nuts!" Scully says. Mulder insists that he's not claiming that Rocky isn't delusional. He just thinks that maybe Rocky's delusional state was triggered by something he actually saw. He points out that the first half of Rocky's story corroborates Harold's. In fact, Mulder says, the only story that doesn't jibe is Chrissy's. He picks up the phone, telling Scully that he's going to arrange to have the girl re-hypnotized. "What for?" Scully asks. "To see if what she remembers is really what she remembers," Mulder explains.

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