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Lord Of The Flies

Car of Winky. "So, how'd you do it? How'd you kill him?" Winky asks. "Bugs that do what you say?" he hypothesizes. Emory spits that he's perfectly willing to show them how he did it, but they ought to get their camera ready. "What are you talking about?" Winky asks. "I just have to open my mouth," Emory tells them. And he does, and a insect-y type thing crawls out all slowly. Cameraman Bro turns around to take a gander and crashes the car in a giant ball of smoke and flames.

Scully and Rocky approach Emory Dick's house, flashlights at the ready. Rocky looks at his portable pheromone reader and tells Scully that they're getting a reading of "trace levels inside the house." Scully shrugs as they walk through the open door into the dark house. "I guess that's probable cause," she says. She starts poking around the house, but Rocky stops her before she goes upstairs. "Dr. Scully! This is so exciting. I've never had a partner." Scully smiles cheerfully. "I have," she chirps, and turns to go upstairs. "That's right!" the Mulder action figure yells. In his enthusiasm, he removes his finger from the package I'm wrapping, ruining the bow. "Sorry," he tells me. "I like to think of it as a [Some Scientific Term I Can't Spell] Relationship," Rocky continues. "Two scientists, using their special knowledge, reaching higher than either of them could ever reach alone. And if I may say so, Doctor…you complete me." He shoots her puppy-dog eyes. Hee. "I got upstairs. You take down," Scully responds, and eyebrows her way up the stairs, shaking her head.

Out on the street, Doggett and Moronica come across the car wreck. And, as a sidebar, how is the episode not over yet? The kid's a bug! Duh! Move along! Anyway, Winky and Bro are encased in cocoons, moaning and groaning and crying. "David Winkle, is that you?" Doggett asks. "Now, that's a dumb-ass." He and Moronica begin to dig the Winkles out. "It's not a stunt! It was [Emory Dick]!" Winky cries. "He attacked us!" "He attacked you?" Moronica asks, all stunned. "He's a freaking BUG!" Winky cries. Heh. The delivery there was almost funny. Moronica gives chase as Doggett helps the boys dig themselves out more completely.

Scully finds Natalie's picture on Emory's bed. Her phone rings; it's Doggett, telling her that Emory's on a rampage, and she's got to get her ass over to the crime scene. Scully races down the stares, past Rocky, who stares after her open-mouthed. "Where are you going?" Rocky cries. "You got my number, partner," Scully says flippantly as she runs out the door.

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