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Scully asks Doggett to get closer to the bodies. He's not thrilled by the prospect, but scoots over. They appear, from their clothing, to be "squatters," and it looks like they've been dead for a while. Scully muses that the victims seem to have the same kind of tissue degradation that affected Costanza and Pinfield; there may be a contagion, after all. Scully shoots Karas a dirty look. Karas purses his lips together so hard they disappear behind his teeth. Dickhead makes yet another in his seemingly endless series of Angry White Male expressions. Meanwhile, Lyle thinks she sees yet another person lurking around the tunnel. Who knew there were so many people living in the subway? Actually, I think I saw something about that on Dateline. ["And I saw something about that last year on Felicity." -- Wing Chun] Anyway, Lyle and Tubby scurry off in pursuit, as Dickhead bellows that he wants them out of the tunnel, period.

Up in the transit room, Scully tells Doggett -- who's getting it in both ears, poor guy -- that they have to find the other person down there, since he or she could be carrying the contagion. Behind her, Karas squawks that they're running out of time. Dude, we get it. Time: Ticking. Trains: Not running. Your ass: grass. Roger that. Scully finally reaches her breaking point and hollers at him to shut up so that she can figure out what the hell is going on down in the tunnel. Karas tells her she's being "irrational." Instead of reaching for one of the binders on the console beside her and bashing Karas's head in, Scully just glares at him, takes a deep breath, and really lets him have it, telling him that something killed Pinfield the same way it killed Costanza, and that they had better figure out what the hell it is. Because it could keep killing. And more people could die. And that's real bad.

Below, in the tunnel, Doggett waits patiently for Scully's instructions. She tells him, shortly, to go after this mysterious person in the tunnel. Karas snits off in a huff, hopefully to go take a Xanax. In the tunnel, Doggett blinks calmly, and tells the troops to "continue on." (That is a phrase which, by the way, drives me mad. "Continue" is sufficient. "Continue on," in my opinion, is redundant. ["Word." -- Wing Chun] Anyway.) "Says who?" barks Detective Dickhead. "Says the boss!" Doggett retorts. Go Doggett! Get busy! It's your...well, whatever.

More tunnels, more flashlights. Detective Dickhead wonders aloud -- and very snidely -- why Scully sent Doggett into the tunnel instead of coming herself. Doggett shortly snaps at him to lay off Scully. Dickhead dicks that he has a serious problem with the way Scully is running the investigation. I have a serious problem with the sexist attitudes from both Dickhead and Captain Crabby Karas. The reason they have a problem with her is because she's a girl, and she's the boss of them, that's why, and frankly I can't wait for both of their faces to get eaten off. Doggett shoots Dickhead a disgusted glare. Over his headphones, Scully tells Doggett that she isn't even sure what they're looking for. "Anything," he quietly responds.

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