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Down in the tunnel, Doggett is still unconscious. Dickhead has managed to climb up to the tunnel's ceiling, which he hammers on as he girlishly screams for help. As Doggett's face falls into shadow, we see that he, too, is covered in the phosphorescence. Dum dum! Eventually, he opens his eyes. Scully watches as he stiffly sits up. "I started fearing the worst," she says, with a sigh of relief. She didn't seem like she was fearing the worst while she and Dr. TaeBo were yakking about oceanic sciences. Doggett explains that Dickhead smacked him, and that now he's gone, taking his contagion with him. "And what's your condition, Agent Doggett?" Scully asks. Doggett sits up, and looks at his hands. They're covered in phosphorescence. Dr TaeBo makes that "fist in the mouth" expression of anguish, à la Bea Arthur in the opening credits of The Golden Girls. "I assume it's not good," Doggett says wryly. Scully sighs and tells him that she's going to send down a quarantine team to fetch him. Doggett grimly tells her that she had better not: they have to stop this thing, and in order to do that, he has to stop the Magically Disappearing Detective Dickhead.

Scully tells Dr TaeBo to get the CDC on the phone, so that they can learn what "sets this thing off." TaeBo hops to. Next, Scully rips into Karas, who's just entered the room, telling him to blockade any and all exits from the line, citing a "possible outbreak situation." Karas grouses that it's not going to happen. Scully yells that it is. Karas tells her it isn't, because he already has passengers on the platform, waiting for the train. Scully turns to look at the monitors of the stops, which do indeed show people streaming into the station. She makes a frustrated face and kicks Karas in the shins. Okay, she just makes the face. "Agent Doggett," she says, "we've got a new wrinkle."

Down in the tunnel, Doggett grimly searches for Dickhead as he and Scully discuss what the catalyst for the outbreak could be. Scully wonders if it's body temperature. Or heart rate. Or too many McRibs the night before. Doggett grimly comments that it could be anything -- a grim truth with which Scully agrees. He tells her to hold the trains until he finds Dickhead. She informs him that there are already passengers waiting at the next station. Doggett's in the middle of calling Karas a son of a bitch when he finds Dickhead, passed out in the middle of the tunnel. He's alive, but is slowly being eaten. Scully shortly informs TaeBo that she needs anything -- anything at all -- from the CDC. TaeBo nods; Scully scares her. Scully tells Doggett that she's getting him out of there.

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